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  Shazam75 Chief Commissioner

Location: Brisbane

FOR SALE: Austrains Y Class VR colour scheme - Y164 - $220 + $15 postage.

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  Dazz Deputy Commissioner


I have the following kits for sale, prices are what I paid for them / I guess what they still go for / am open to sensible offers.

1x AR Kits / Lloyds NSWGR 421 Class Locomotive Kit with K&M Mechanism. $205.00

SOLD - 1x InFront Models NSW ABV "High Arched Roof" Covered Van kit. $44.00

SOLD - 1x Hanovle Model Castings N021: NSW 46000L Oil Tank - Riveted Underframe 1950's - Mid 1990's kit. $40.00

SOLD - 2x IDR Railway Castings KF / CKF Flat Wagon kits. $20.00 each

The 421 Kit I paid $205.00 for in 2008, I'm open to sensible offers, and apart from cleaning the main body casting of flash and trial dry fitting a couple of the windows it is un-started, and has a brand new K&M mechanism with it. Not sure you can even buy these any more, so for someone who loves building kits it may be of interest.

PM me with offers.

  CLF6 Station Master

Austrains NR84 'Southern Cross' - Used, but in excellent condition and runs perfectly with all lights working as they should. Box is also in great condition, but I don't have the authentication certificate. DCC not installed.
PM me for more photos if desired.
  d50au Beginner

NSW outline for sale

SOLD - DJH D50 kit $380
- DJH D59 kit $380
SOLD - DJH Z12 kit $350
SOLD - DJH 30T 6wheel tender as per original kit $40
SOLD - AR kits 44 class diesel kit with mech ( main body in primer coat) $150
- Lloyds 40 class diesel (green) needs handrails and cab side decal to finish $150
SOLD - Casula CPH with KM mech, will require you to install 4 mounting blocks inside body for KM mech (basic kit bash, otherwise standard casula kit) $150

- 21 Casula RU wheat hopper kits with 21 Ian Lindsay RU detail kits (very nice castings) $330
- 2 Casula FO passenger kits / 4 Sydney hobbies TE flat wagons $100
- 3 Bergs CV wagon kits / 8 Casula S wagon kits $100
SOLD - 4 Tortoise slow motion switch machines / 1 switch master slow motion switch machine $50

Post is flat $10 per order, I'll pick up the difference or refund as required

Last chance.The remaining items are going to eBay and the open market 12/12/14 at 6pm....
  Clyde_AT26HC-2M Chief Train Controller

BGB Models - Commonwealth Railways ROX flat wagon. $25.00
BGB Models VR - BFW "Ford" van kit. $50.00
Pacific National/Australian National - RQKY/AQKY 2 pack articulated wagon with SDS Models 40ft container. $85.00
Pacific National/Australian National - RQOX/AQOX container wagon with SDS Models TNT 40ft container. $60.00
  Ardglen Junior Train Controller

Hi all,

I have the following models for sale. These will be listed on Ebay shortly but I would prefer them to go to a Railpage member;

SDS Models FMW (Pack A) $130
Models are mint and in original box.

28xx NRM Limited Edition - $250

London Olympics Train Pack (County of Radnor + 2 coaches) - $250
Models are mint, test run only in original boxes

Bachmann OO gauge
City of Bath
Model is mint, test run only in original box - $250

Accucraft 16mm Lynton & Barnstaple wagons in SR Brown livery
4 x 4 wheel open wagons
4 x 4 wheel vans
2 x bogie open wagons
All in mint condition in original boxes - $500 the lot

Peco SM32 curved track 30" radius (enough to form a circle)
Box of flexitrack (12 pieces)
Used but in good condition (no nail holes etc.) - $250 the lot

Please PM if interested.



  Roachie Chief Commissioner

Location: Kadina SA (formerly NSW)

I went a bit overboard last year and bought a second CMX cleaner wagon for my HO scale layout.

Please note...this is NOT my youtube video; just one I found that shows the item I'm selling....

I now find that I don't really need two of these great pieces of equipment, so have decided to put one up for sale.

The cheapest I've seen these on ebay for is around $170-.

I'm prepared to sell this one for $130- including postage within Australia. It will come with a piece of the cleaning material (about 6" long) and a set of instructions. I have been using isopropyl alcohol as the cleaning agent, but have also had good experience with metholated spirits too.

PM if interested.

Bill Roach
  Shazam75 Chief Commissioner

Location: Brisbane
For Sale:

Powermaster PowerPack By Hammant and Morgan England - $30 + Postage Costs

Tyco Transformer $10 plus postage costs.

  Gremlin Assistant Commissioner

  • Austrains 8006 in Tuscan, new and un-run apart from removing the original couplers and making sure the mechanism works $140

  • Powerline 8181 FreightRail (P206), new and un-run apart from making sure the mechanism works $150

Yes, I know, two locomotives being sold as new and un-run, but that is the way it is!
  Tom66 Assistant Commissioner

I have a few Brass loco's for sale,
PSM T373 V/Line
PSM A66 Bicentennial
PSM S311 V/Line
BGM C504 V/Line
All have not been used and have been in my display cabinet for the last few years. I am open to offers. I understand that brass doesn't sell for what its used to so anyone who is seriously interested PM me and I can send photo's. Serious offers only, im not interested in time wasters. All have been weathered by Steve at Branchline In Melbourne. I am Also happy to work out a deal if someone wants to buy more then one.


  Shazam75 Chief Commissioner

Location: Brisbane

For Sale

Victorian Railways Brass L Class Sheep Van
Made by Train Hobby
4 Wheeler
Comes with Original Box

$100 + $15 Postage Costs

  Bills_Billboards Chief Commissioner

For Sale

Victorian Railways Brass L Class Sheep Van
Made by Train Hobby
4 Wheeler
Comes with Original Box

$100 + $15 Postage Costs


Hi mate if the L sheep wagon is still available i am interested in purchasing it contact me
  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
For sale

1 On30 American caboose. on bogies.  $60

2 On30 American flatcar, on bogies with a weathered wooden deck.  $50

$100 for both.    $7 postage for both or seperate.

David Head
  davejones Beginner

Location: Hevey Bay, Queensland

For Sale

ALPS MD-1000 Decal Printer in good working condition plus cartridges $400.

Printer hasn't been used for a few years but printed a self test that was fine. Could use a clean as it's a bit dusty.

Printer has printed a total of 8860 bands.

Comes with parallel printer cable and power cord.

Cartridges are:
Black x 2. one new and one half used.
Cyan x 2. One new and one barely used.
Magenta x 2. One new and one barely used.
Yellow x 2. One new and one 3/4 used.
White x 1. Barely used.
Metallic Silver x 1. Barely used.

Not willing to ship as I no longer have the original packaging.

Located in Hervey Bay, QLD

Please PM if interested.

  Klink Chief Train Controller

Location: Stalag 13, the toughest POW Camp in all Germany
For Sale

HO/OO scale:
Austrains DL class with green roof lightly weathered, DCC fitted with a Lenz chip, $270 ONO with original box

3x Roundhouse coaches (good match for SAR centenary cars) $60 lot

Unbuilt BGB 500/600 class SAR steel car kit $40
Unbuilt BGB house kit $30

Hornby LNER L1 2-6-4T no 9001 in Apple Green, $120 ONO

Hornby LMS 'Princess Alexandra' streamlined Coronation Scot class in Blue/Silver livery (loco driven) $120 ONO

Hornby British Railways 'Britannia' no 70000, unlined BR black, Ltd Edition $140 ONO

Hornby Caledonian Railway no 123 single wheeler loco, CR blue scheme, $80

Heljan BR Class 15, BR Green w/yellow ends, $110 ONO

Unknown Make (possibly kit built) LNER A4 'Silver Link' in Silver grey 'Silver Jubilee' livery, custom etched plates and stainless steel lettering fitted, $100

Kitbuilt LNWR 'Coal Tank' fully lined out in red/white lining, not available RTR $90

N scale:
Bachmann Y6b 2-6-6-2 articulated, will go around 12 inch rad. curve, $140 ONO

I will be adding more and putting pictures up asap. Please PM me for any questions.
Payment by cash or bank transfer is preferred but Paypal is acceptable. Free local pickup in Adelaide is avaliable or posted anywhere for whatever it costs.
  GT46C-ACe Deputy Commissioner

Location: Gold Coast QLD
Selling off:

Auscision AN AN11 - $200

AN11 is as new as can be..... Selling as is, postage is included.


EDIT: Price cut on the AN.
  bjviper Chief Commissioner

Location: Brisvegas
Going through the stash and I have the following items for sale.  Photos available on request, postage at cost or pickup if close (Ipswich, QLD).  Please PM if interested.  Will consider swapping or part payment for an Ian Lindsay Models D wagon kit (not built), or Austrains ACX.

Ian Lindsay Models:

2 x KLY/NLKY - part painted, incl decals and bogies.    $40 each  SOLD

2 x LFX - New in pack, as new, incl decals    $40 each  SOLD

1 x HCX - Part built, needs work to finish. Does not include decals or bogies.    $40  SOLD

1 x HS - Part built, needs work to finish. Does not include decals or bogies.    $40  SOLD

1 x HCX - New in pack.  Does not include bogies or decals.    $40  SOLD

2 x AR Kits 81class with K&M mechs and NCE D13SRJ decoders, part painted in Candy.  Will need work to finish.   $180 each

1 x AR Kits LFX - painted but needs decaling and windows added (all included).  $40  SOLD

1 x Pack of Auscision NLKY in SRA red, pack number KLY-6.  $240 SOLD!
  LiverpoolRange Locomotive Fireman

Location: Port Macquarie NSW
### SOLD ### 6/2

I have 2 x CLASSIC BRASS MODELS "JHG" Brake vans for sale.  Built by Yulim of Korea.

#1 is No. 141 out of 150 with certificate and "141" scribed underneath model.

#2 has no number.

Both are in MINT condition and come in original boxes.  Both are unpainted.

$275 each.

Photos available on request.  Please PM me.

Will be sent by registered mail only.  Postage will be $11.20 for one (1) item or $16.35 for both.

  Gremlin Assistant Commissioner

Bergs Brass HO NSWGR 48 class Tuscan locomotive for sale

Locomotive is 4803 and is built as a dummy, that is, there is no mechanism installed.  However, it has Kadees and looks the part! It is a Bergs Brass locomotive, I assume brass but definitely metal, Tuscan and very nicely painted.  Not a mark on it and in its original box.  The bogies have "Japan" on them, that is the only marking visible.

It is in perfect condition and has its original box, runs perfectly behind or in front of another loco, can't pull the froth off a latte by itself Smile

Would anyone care to speculate on what would be a reasonable price for the Bergs 48 class? I would be interested in people's opinions. I understand that the new Powerline/Trainorama locomotives are only $325, and that this unit is unpowered.  But if a powered Bergs 48 class sell for $800 and above, how expensive would it be to fit a mechanism, surely not $400.

In any case, it is $400 or offer - I have no idea what the value of an unpowered brass/metal 48 class is...only one way to find out!

[edit]Combined most posts into one to keep the for sale thread on a steady course.  Please PM the user re valuations or questions. (no one has done any wrong, just housekeeping)  DTHEAD[/edit]
  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Auscision GHAN AN3. $300

For sale on behalf of a friend. I had one but sold it. In it's box, never taken out of it's box. $15 postage.  (And maybe swap for another AN class loco in a different livery.)

I also have many other items for sale. Subject to the same conditions as here on Railpage, head off to    then PM me.


Also talking generally about the thread.  Remember there are lots of things unsold here, not just on the last page. Why not go back and have a look, some are updated with sold notes. PM a user and check, it's only electrons Smile
  John_Bushell Chief Commissioner

Location: Brisbane

A box of Austrains SRC vans painted for F.J. Walker.  Sell for $150 including postage within Australia.

Never unpacked.  I didn't want these - wanted normal wagon grey.

Alternative swap for two OTM LLV vans.

Send me a PM if interested.
  Gremlin Assistant Commissioner

SOLD: Auscision 73 class numbered 7323, Tuscan with "Dubbo" on the fuel tanks.

Never used, perfect condition in its original box.

$250 including registered post, or make an offer.

Otherwise, off to fleabay it goes!

Still available: Mansfield Hobbies brass 43 class, Indian Red (I guess) numbered 4302 and weathered.  $750 or offer, plus postage and insurance.
  trawny Train Controller

Location: Victoria
Moving house so I'm rationalizing my collection

Austrains DL 49D National Rail Light Grey $230

New in box.

Austrains AXBO 507, 512, 518 ANR $130 or $50 each.

Never run.

$10 post free if all purchased together.

Cheers Trawny

Updated prices.
  tasrail Moderator

Location: Hobart

Hanovale NQJX container wagon kit (Cut down NOBX for Sydney trip train / spoil traffic)

This is primarily the one piece deck casting and original instructions. The other bits - handbrake stars, steps and bogies seems to have disappeared but should be obtainable from other sources. I doubt the voucher for free decals is worth anything these days!

Say $15 posted
  LiverpoolRange Locomotive Fireman

Location: Port Macquarie NSW
Trainorama guards vans for sale.

NVMF 12769 (Red "R" logo and silver roof)
NVMF 11623 (NSWR Romboid logo and silver roof)
NVMF 12718 (L7 logo and silver roof)
NVMF 12299S (L7 and silver roof)

Twin pack $140 incl postage
Single units $75 incl postage

All items in MINT condition, never turned a wheel. Still in TOR boxes.

Photos available on request. PM me if interested.

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