Issue trying to install custom content on new installation

  squeekazoid Chief Commissioner

Location: Plympton
hi all,

just a random question ,

I have just dug MSTS out from the dusty closet,

I am just curious as to why when i copy my routes folder, trainset folder, and consists folder, none of my locos are going into the game but all my cosists are im also having an issue on one route saying its missing its extended shape data?

It has been a long time since i had it working and im curious if someone could shed some light on this issue?


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  railblogger Chief Commissioner

Location: At the back of the train, quitely doing exactly what you'd expect.
Have a look at Route_Riter. I normally use it to fix such issues.
  cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller

Hi Nathan,

Welcome back to Microsoft Train Simulator! To get you started here is some information
that your looking for to help you install routes, trains, sound files, consists and more

Depending on where you have your MSTS installed on your hard drive
locations may vary even with a custom installation

(Default Windows XP or earlier) C: Program FilesMicrosoft GamesTrain Simulator
(Default Windows 7 and 8 C: Program Files (x86)Microsoft GamesTrain Simulator
Not sure if Windows 7 32-bit systems install to Program Files or Program Files (x86) ?

If you have either Windows 7 or 8 I would recommend you install MSTS as followed
in this tutorial on the Steam4me site

To install routes go into your MSTSROUTES folder location and put the route(s) there
if required run the 'Installme' file normally located with the route(s) archive folder

As with many routes it is required to allow the route to generate terrain tile buffers
for it's first run (I normally do this by running the route via Route Editor which adviods too much
loading time when you start it from within the sim itself) And then exit Route Editor and do it again for
the next route but which ever you choose is completely up to you to generate the routes terrain tile buffers

Installing Consists files these files are extended with .con file extention the consists are installed to

Installing Sounds files for some rolling stock will need to be installed to your MSTSSOUNDS folder
these are normally .sms files only but there are sound .wav files that need to be placed within this folder
other sound set files are installed to the Common.sound or Common.Snd folders within the TRAINSET folder
normally installed automaically with an installer but if you are required to manually install to the Common.Sound
or the Common.Snd folders these are written clearly within each readme file

To install rolling stock this will be installed to your MSTSTRAINSTRAINSET folder
if you are required to copy & paste a Cabview & Sound folder and files to get your rolling stock working
make sure you read the authors readme file for this information however some cabviews and sounds are
alised to a default rolling stock which is also good

I trust that all this information is correct but I am sure someone will correct me on anything
But I do hope this gives you everything you need to get MSTS up and running again

For other tutorials and guides please visit the Steam4me site for anything you need help with
basically everything is there and yet still even though MSTS is old now it still has more things to learn
just like 3d modelling and route building Smile

Regards, Phillip Chorusch
  squeekazoid Chief Commissioner

Location: Plympton
Thanks guys,

i managed to solve the issue, i was copying all my content into the msts folder but not the actual trainset folder, so i since fixed all consists and locomotive issues i am however struggling to get the Adelaide- SE hills v2 route going,

every now and again whilst driving between Mitcham & Eden hills, errors start to appear ie gumtree is missing etc...

i will try route riter.
  railblogger Chief Commissioner

Location: At the back of the train, quitely doing exactly what you'd expect.
For the route, I suggest running the Installme.bat located in the route's main folder.

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