WANTED! - Models/items you want to look for

  Roachie Chief Commissioner

Location: Kadina SA (formerly NSW)
I know it's a long shot......but here goes.....

A mate of mine has just given me an Austrains roundtop 3609 (green) as he no longer needs/wants it. Somewhere along the way he lost one of the two curved name-boards "HAWKSBURY".

If, by any slim chance, you have one (or even 2) of these name-boards, I would be interested in purchasing. Please PM if you can assist.

I haven't bothered contacting JE yet, but seriously doubt he would have kept any such spare parts.


Bill Roach

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  VR_King Junior Train Controller

Morning guys, looking for a PSM E class, ย electric locomotive.
Please PM me if you can help.

  Erail Locomotive Fireman

Hi Everyone,
I'm looking for a Harry Potter Hogwarts Express train set, loco and coaches in HO scale.
Please PM me if anyone has one they like to sell.
  PICHhobbies Locomotive Fireman

Decals for a West Coast Rail S class numbered as S302.
Please PM if you can help.
  linton78 Train Controller

Location: South Coast NSW

I am still looking for a PSM 38 class, 3830 in all green (green smoke box) or 3813.

If anyone has or knows of one for sale I would love to hear from you.



  SignalSparky Station Master


I am looking for a HOn2.5 scale Bundaberg Fowler brass & whitemetal kit sold under the Colonial Model Railways brand (made by Roger Chivers). Would prefer unbuilt kit but would consider partly built.
PM me if you have one you would like to part with.

  TheMeddlingMonk Deputy Commissioner

Location: The Time Vortex near Melbourne, Australia
Hi all,

Looking for some V/Line Passenger Mark II logo decals to suit an S Class I'm repainting into VLP Mark II (S302). Please PM me if you have some available or know where I can get them. Thanks.
  F6310 Beginner

Location: Australia
Hey guys,

Wanting to buy the additional cars for Eureka HUB set #4. HUB set number 118 in Light Indian Red with double lines. Unweathered preferred.

The Eureka site lists additional cars as being numbered BH2225 and FH2230.

Please PM if you are willing to sell or know someone!

  orangeandgrey Beginner

Hello all,

I am looking for an Austrains C504 in V/Line livery from the most recent run. Must be absolutely as new with no damage or missing parts.


  Gremlin Assistant Commissioner

Byways of Steam, Volume 4...please... ๐Ÿ™‚
  dmg_01 Station Staff


A trainorama 44 class in Tuscan livery, preferably with the PTC logo. Please send personal message to discuss options.

  supersix Deputy Commissioner

Location: Heathcote N.S.W.

Ok guys let me know what you have.
  Wee_pierre Junior Train Controller

Location: Adelaide
Hi all looking for SAR/VSAR Overland decals to suit steel cars. I don't know if anyone else besides BGB did them and if there is anyone else please email me.
  Roachie Chief Commissioner

Location: Kadina SA (formerly NSW)
Just wondering if anybody (like me) has kept the wheels that they may have removed from Powerline/Trax rolling stock? The wheels I'm thinking of, have silver/chrome tyres and black inners on "chrome" 25mm axles and quite deep flanges. Most "modelers" would remove these wheels in favour of fitting something a bit closer to scale. That's what I did with my supply of BDX open wagons.

I have found a use for these wheels and have been wondering if anybody has about 14 (axles) that they no longer need and would be willing to sell?

Given their crude dimensions, I'm not willing to pay top dollar for them....just let me know what you think they're worth, posted to SA 5554.

Thanks in advance....


Bill Roach
  andyfmx Locomotive Fireman

Wanted: Auscision A/B class bogie. Just need one, doesn't need to have bogie sideframes but must be brand new.

Please PM

  SAR_enthusiast Train Controller

Location: Adelaide, South Australia
I'm looking for an Austrains CLF or CLP class painted in the orange and black ARG livery. If anyone has one send me a PM to discuss if your interested in selling.

  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
For the mantlepeice,

1 S/O/LGB gauge "F" A unit in the Santa Fe warbonet colout scheme. Unpowered ok.

David Head
  bjviper Chief Commissioner

Location: Brisvegas
Looking for a DJH C35 kit unbuilt. Or alternately a Bergs brass 35class.

Also chasing an Austrains ACX, not fussed on livery.

PM if you can help at all.

Found both, many thanks NSWGR_5711.
  SPSD40T2 Chief Commissioner

Location: Platform 9-3/4 and still waiting !!
Gday all and a happy New Year ๐Ÿ™‚

Looking for 1 or 2 maybe SD Athearn style junker chassis with running gear ( bogies ) . Motor can be stuffed ( or not )

Might entertain other brands depending on what they are ๐Ÿ™‚

please pm with what you have and asking price

  Indefatigable Assistant Commissioner

Location: Sydney
Austrains 36 class, preferably Belpaire boiler version, in black, non-DCC.

Any road number, but must be in good working order, nothing broken, nothing missing.

Will pay $380 or happy to negotiate.

PM me if you can assist.

  comtrain Chief Commissioner

Location: Near Albury Wodonga
Wanted to buy or Wanted Builder

Looking to represent the Daylight Express Train as it operated in the 70/80's (And am not interested in the long wait for the Auscision ones)

Although mainly wanting the tuscan scheme (?) a few candy cars would be acceptable.
Build quality must be excellent.


Looking for a capable builder who can take my kits and build 10 RUB cars to make up my train. One full consist in russet and three candy cars to mix in when the mood strikes me ๐Ÿ˜‰
Cheers and my PM works
Rod Young
  FirstStopCentral Chief Train Controller

WTB, Auscision Batwing 120T Hoppers, National Rail silver 8-car pack NCH-11 or NCH-12.

As new condition in box required. PM me if you can assist.

  mattrawls Chief Train Controller

Location: Newport Workshops (Steamrail)
WANTED: Bachmann Thomas the Tank models

pacifically Express Coaches (red or green)

or bulk lot of models wagons and locos

PM me
  linton78 Train Controller

Location: South Coast NSW

I am looking for a Trainorama, series 1, 44 class body shell. Livery doesn't matter.

Thanks for your time,

  FirstStopCentral Chief Train Controller

Looking for an Austrains CLP8 in Orange & Black in new / as new condition.

Either cash paid or can arrange a swap with CLP13 in QR National if interested.


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