What freight lines are still in use

  645edude Train Controller

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Hi all
I am heading to Tasmania next month. As I only have limited time
I was wondering what freight rail lines are still open? I would like
to take some photos of some freight trains in action.
Any help is greatly appreciated

Mathew Hughes

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  theesp Train Controller

Western line East Tamar- Burnie.
Bell Bay line East Tamar - Bell Bay. ( M, W, F)
South line Western Junction - Bridgewater Junction,
Derwent Valley line Bridgewater Junction to Boyer.
Fingal line Conara Junction - Fingal.
And Melba line Burnie to Primrose.
  lkernan Deputy Commissioner

Location: Melbourne
This is probably the best place to look and was updated last month:
  73LJWhiteSL Deputy Commissioner

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I will also be heading to Tasmania next month to visit the inlaws (that already means limited trainspotting).

Pity the line into Hobart is closed now (Heaps of awesome spots along there) I was thankful I got a train there in May 2014. I found this thread helpful at the time, not sure it is as up to date as the above website.


That site seems to indicate a lot of stuff just runs at night. Bit of shame but I guess at least there is still trains to see in Tasmania.

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