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  DavidB Moderator

Location: Canberra
In the last 24 hours there have been numerous cases (more than I bothered to count) of multiple threads being started about the same topic. This does happen occasionally but two (and on one case three) threads being started on the same day is too much. It doesn't take long to check.

Before starting a new thread:

1) Check the forum you are about to post in. Is there already a thread about it? It may be on the second page.

2) Check some other relevant forums to see if there is already a topic. If it's related to preservation, check both the state forum and the Preservation and Tourist Railways forum. Also check the Operators and Locomotives and Rolling Stock forums. In the case of tram news, check both the state forum and the Tram and Lightrail News forum.

3) Search is your friend!  There may have been some discussion about your topic in recent days, or the question you want to ask may have already been asked before. If you can add to a recently active thread with new information, follow up that one rather than starting a new one.

4) Finally if you have started a topic, don't start another topic on the same subject in another forum. It will just result in one (or both) being removed.


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  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
People who are new often get excited and start posting away, disregarding the presence of existing threads.

Hopefully  newcommers can check and sticke or annoucements at the top of each forum to see the local rules.

And please read the "Rules for Posting in the Help menu above.

If you have a question, or confused, ASK !

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