Queensland Rail TRAINZ QLD routes and rolling stock

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Message to all USERS: this thread is to discuss all QLD routes and rollingstock for TRAINZ: UTC,04,06,09,10,12,NEW ERA.

tilt trains
evans cars
sx/sxv cars
electric/diesel locomotives
stations(QR only)
station signs(QR only)
platforms(QR only)
overhead wires
QLD routes
electrified routes e.g: ipswich/ippy-rosewood, brisbane/brisbane to caboolture, and many more
fictional brisbane/ipswich routes

and all other QR related content

Here is a little starter kit:


DEL/SX set pack made by Pikkarail all rights go to creator.
EMU set made by williamg all rights go to creator
note:you will need to download some missing dependencies for the EMU.

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