News report a major fire at Newport workshops


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Suggest we all reread Michael Greenhill's last post (Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2015 2:43 pm ) before saying anything.  rumor and speculation does not help people find out what is happening.  


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I find it hard to believe the coal was ignited by a short circuit. I'm no expert on the subject but I believe coal is quite hard to ignite, its not like petrol where a spark or a cigarette butt will light it.
  lkernan Deputy Commissioner

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I find it hard to believe the coal was ignited by a short circuit. I'm no expert on the subject but I believe coal is quite hard to ignite, its not like petrol where a spark or a cigarette butt will light it.
From the Steamrail Facebook post:
The fire is not coal related and no locomotives are impacted as reported by various outlets.
  Galron Chief Commissioner

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We all just need to wait for the official posts from the various impacted parties. Steamrail have said what the main impact has been rolling stock wise, and when they are ready will give the members at least a run down on the total impact. victrack/whoever will tell us whats going to happen to the buildings, and then we will know. Its all likely to be a no go area anyways at present unless engineers have done their bit and said what is and is not safe.

Praise needs to go to the fireies for restricting the spread to what looks like 4 road, and to some of the rear sections. when i've been there, there is a lot of the active rolling stock that is used on tours stored nearby. could very easily been a lot worse.
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A post has been added to the Steamrail Social Feed (which adds to the front page of the website).

For your info -

Steamrail Victoria (and particularly its ElecRail Division) would like to thank everyone for their condolences and well wishes following the devastating fire at Newport Workshops that destroyed four swing door suburban electric carriages. The oldest dated back to the 1880s. They were undoubtedly the best preserved examples of electric trains in Australia and most likely the world. This is a huge loss to Steamrail and the State of Victoria. Many tens of thousands of hours of volunteer effort had gone into these cars over a 34 year period. Our hearts go out to all involved in the restoration of the cars, especially Kevin and Tom Clark who spearheaded the restoration work. Their dedication to the cause and the standard of restoration work achieved was quite remarkable.

We are hoping the intact cab of 107M can be retained as a tribute to both the swing door cars plus the volunteers involved. The practicality of this is yet to be determined, but it is something we would like to do. There is little left of the remainder of the cars above underframe level (except for the partial cab of 24D).

We are still awaiting the official report as to the cause of the fire. Neither arson, nor volunteer negligence are thought to be the cause. An electrical issue seems the most likely scenario. It is simply an unfortunate accident.

Steamrail is working cooperatively with VicTrack (who manage the workshops site) to make the building safe. It may be weeks or months before the area is again accessible. We shall keep you posted.

The Tait cars in the custody of ElecRail survived the fire. We have not been able to inspect them but we do not believe they sustained any damage. These cars will now become the centrepiece of ElecRail. These vehicles date back to the 1910s and are of national (if not world) significance.

Once again thank you for your condolences and kind words during this very difficult time. This provides great comfort to our volunteers who are grieving.

Photo: ElecRail volunteers, Kevin and Tom Clark with the remaining cab of 107M. 04/03/2015.

Mark Wolverson, Chairman Steamrail Victoria
Lionel Camilleri, Secretary Steamrail Victoria
Scott Bray and Craig Soden, representing ElecRail, Steamrail Victoria

  Hitachi Assistant Commissioner

Thank you Lionel for updating us all.  Your post has provided some insight into the value of just what has been lost.

I have a question for you.  In terms of the rollingstock destroyed and the efforts put in by your volunteers, was the older 1880's rollingstock in running condition and can someone post a link of exactly what the trains were the fire destroyed?

Are there wikopedia links for instance?
  NSWGR8022 Chief Commissioner

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The news says there were world rare.  wow.

What about some of the penn central stuff?
  Valvegear Oliver Bullied, CME

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What's the relevance of anything that Penn Central has to this topic?
We know what has been lost here, it was of rare historic significance, and is irreplaceable. I don't remember anyone saying "Steamrail's is better than someone else's". As the very old adage has it, "Comparisons are odious."
I really feel for all the Steamrail bods, and particularly the Clark brothers who worked their butts off to restore the dogboxes.

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