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  Kamz Assistant Commissioner

All Saints - 3:15 mark and 13:30

3:19 mark. Yennora?

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  babbatt Station Master

4 platforms and the mural on the wall suggests it's Erskineville
  EFB5800 Chief Train Controller

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They sure are shooting those Endeavours out of those sidings one after the other. There are about 3 or 4 passing the old bloke. Then he tries to grab at the front door of one, then it cuts away to the ambo looking underneath it, then it cuts back to the old fella grabbing at the front door on another one! Laughing The continuity people always seem to get the tiniest details wrong on train scene shoots!
  Kurmudgeon Junior Train Controller

About 4:15 there's a station announcement... from what I can tell: next train on platform 19 (I think) is for all stations to Liverpool via Regents Park, first stop Redfern, then Macdonaldtown (not sure about that one though). Yet that would make it Central, which it isn't.
Maybe they used a recording from Central. Or it could be that someone with better hearing needs to listen to it.
  Kamz Assistant Commissioner

4 platforms and the mural on the wall suggests it's Erskineville
Yeah it's definitely Erskineville, but the station sign at 3:19 says Yennora, with a red line.

Are they playing tricks on us? Smile
  8619 Station Staff

Awesome song, with the Eastern Suburbs line and passing mixed double deck set at 0:42
  Yuun Yii Beginner

Location: Sydney, Australia
The film Beneath Clouds features a scene with the main character (girl) entering Riverstone railway station and catching a train from there. Starts at 1:17:17. Carriages T4932 and T4967 can be seen.
Maybe someone will have a clue on the location of the few shots after the train departs - looks like a goods area or somewhere.

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