FLYING SCOTSMAN & 5910 - Thirlmere - June 1989

  Bevan Wall Deputy Commissioner

Here's a real relic from my archives that I stumbled across today while searching for something else.
Scenes recorded in June 1989 with a very primitive camera and no tripod of Flying Scotsman double heading with 5910 struggling to reach Thirlmere in atrocious conditions. I would not usually "publish" footage that has such poor picture quality, but the content is so interesting I thought I'ld make an exception.

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  Radzaarty Junior Train Controller

I'd say this is perfectly acceptable picture quality! I'd love to see more!
  4203 Junior Train Controller

Thanks for sharing
  Gaz170 Junior Train Controller

Location: Gold Coast
Great video, I remember being on that train.
  Graham4405 The Ghost of George Stephenson

Location: Dalby Qld
Those big driving wheels on 4472 must have been stressed on the gradient to Thirlmere! A 1 in 40 would be almost like a vertical lift compared to the British gradients.

Slightly off topic, but would appreciate comment, what was the go with the Flying Scotsman's Perth trip? It went across with a trainload of NSW supplementary interurban cars which subsequently found their way into a yard at Pinjarra (and still there). Did FS return to Sydney light engine or what? Why was the rest of the train left there? I think I have asked this elsewhere but never found an answer.
3l diesel
I found this:

Again the West tour was the forgotten one as it was not part of the original Flying Scotsman program. The Alice trip to be as far west as Scoty would go. However again, one man gave up everything to get Scotsman to the West and again it was a very enjoyable tour. The other major concern was that Scotsman had a ship to meet back in Sydney and without fail she had to make that deadline to finally go home after the 3 month stay had become ended up being close to 54 months.

Perhaps a combination of getting the Scotsman back to Sydney quickly and no demand for the NSW cars?
  1213Driver Chief Commissioner

Location: Perth Western Australia
Thank you Graham for that info. It seems that parts of the WA trip by the Flying Scotsman have been lost to the mists of time...
3l diesel
Not lost - Some of us remember it well.

Flying Scotsman did return east from Kalgoorlie as part of a larger consist, but with only a few of the NSW cars - These cars were loaned cars from SRA NSW and were mostly supporting cars ie tanks, open wagons, crew car etc

The majority of the NSW passenger cars had to be purchased by Ian Willis the entrepreneur who had funded the visit of Scotty to WA. As SRA had no operational spare cars available of suitable capacity at the time, surplus cars were purchased by Ian and made fit for traffic for the the journey across Australia.

After the tour was over and Scotty had departed for the east, the remaining cars returned to Perth with Pendennis Castle and were used on at least one more run before Pendennis was returned to the Pilbara.
These passengers cars were then later purchased by a Pinjarra based member of Hotham Valley Tourist Railway and they were stored on a property in the area where most of them remain today.

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