Steamrail Snow Train - August 16 2015

  x31 Chief Commissioner

Location: gallifrey
Join us for our excursion to the snow – by steam train, of course. Forget the car for a relaxed day out with family and friends aboard the Vintage Train.

Settle back in your compartment and before long, Melbourne will be lost in a trail of steam and smoke as we journey into the fertile farming district of the Latrobe Valley.

The locomotives will work hard as we climb through the green Gippsland hills around Bunyip, Longwarry and Warragul before we make our first stop at Moe.

Here passengers can choose from the following options…

MOUNT BAW BAW - Mt Baw Baw Alpine Resort.
Travel by comfortable coach through scenic mountain forest to the snow. Explore the alpine forests with their unique fauna and crisp mountain air as you wander through the snow. As this is a full resort, you are able to hire, toboggans, skis and clothing, to use in the snow. Departure from the mountain is at 4pm, to return to the station for a 5.30pm departure from Moe.

LUNCH AND EXPLORE WALHALLA - including Walhalla Goldfields Railway.

For those preferring warmer surroundings, travel by Comfortable coach through scenic mountain forests to the Walhalla Miner’s Café or the Erica Hotel, both known for their warm, cosy and friendly atmosphere (please indicate your preference).

After lunch, there is time to explore the historic treasures of Walhalla. The famous ‘Long Tunnel Extended’ gold mine offers underground tours at 1pm and 2pm. (Please book this option yourself if you are not doing lunch or the WGR option, as there isn’t enough time to do all three).

Visit the many historic buildings and climb to the cricket ground carved high in the surrounding hills. The cemetery, full of history, has graves carved into the side of a mountain, all within walking distance of this unique mountain township.

The Walhalla Goldfields Railway will be running a return journey at 3pm. We have chartered this trip for our passengers from Walhalla station to Thompson Bridge and return, so please reserve your ticket on this booking form.

WINERY TOUR - including Wild Dog Winery Restaurant.

Tantalize your taste buds with the finest food and wine at three different wineries. Morning and afternoon tea and coach fare are included in the price; as well as a fantastic main course lunch at the Wild Dog Winery, which is famous for its culinary delights, cool climate wines and stunning views of the Strzelecki Ranges. Drinks are not included in the price.


Travel through the mysterious Haunted Hills, Hearne’s Oak and Morwell before arriving in Traralgon, where you will spend a leisurely afternoon. Enjoy a meal in a local hotel or café.

Then relax back on the train as our locomotives begin their sprint westward on a course for home.


If you wish for a little more travelling comfort, choose the option of cloth seating in an air-conditioned (and heated) carriage.


Our on-train facilities include kiosks, which stock a wide range of light refreshments, souvenirs and hot and cold drinks. A licensed bar will also be open serving a range of wine, beers and spirits.

Our courteous train officers will be on hand throughout the journey to provide any assistance to ensure an enjoyable and safe day.

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  x31 Chief Commissioner

Location: gallifrey
This appear a great option for those who are going on the trip.

The famous ‘Long Tunnel Extended’ gold mine offers underground tours at 1pm and 2pm. (Please book this option yourself if you are not doing lunch or the WGR option, as there isn’t enough time to do all three).
  Henry Herby

Location: Victoria
Should also note that this tour is SOLD OUT ex Melbourne.

Tickets are still available for the Moe - Traralgon & Return section via here
  JoppaJunction Chief Train Controller

Location: Banned
Details of the trip

  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia

I have deleted one post and two follow up posts that were off topic. The topic here is about a real organised train trip. it is not a place for a imagined trip. Thus  the idea was off topic . Please try not to derail threads with such posts.

The place  for such are either in their own thread, with the title stating it is not a real proposal, or in the armchair  forum ( you PM a mod to see if  it is ok to create a thread, and get the mod to move it there - don't create the thread and expect....)

- Also no discussion on this, in this thread. keep to topic, please !
  Carnot Minister for Railways

14 carriages, 2 locos, 351 metres - that's a long train!  The 2012 Snow Train had 13 carriages.

That'll give the two R-class locomotives a good workout Smile
  TheBlacksmith Chief Commissioner

Location: Ankh Morpork
Went past me in Garfield this morning, going like the clappers up the slight grade, sounded magnificent! Might go down about 6 and watch it return.
  JoppaJunction Chief Train Controller

Location: Banned
Is the train on time for return running?

It would look good coming into SCS.
  Boss Chief Commissioner

Location: Caulfield Line
I videod the R's going under the footbridge east of Kooyong Road Armadale this morning.  The engines were working hard.  As they went under the footbridge it really rattled and my camera vibrated. Don't think I will go back tonight.
  speedemon08 Mary

Location: I think by now you should have figured it out
Managed to get quite a few shots in, the cloud earlier on made it easy to try different angles.
  JoppaJunction Chief Train Controller

Location: Banned
Great photos.
  Gman_86 Chief Commissioner

Location: Melton, where the sparks dare not roam!
Fantastic photos there Speedemon, must have been quite the spectacle. I would have loved the chance to see this one, or better yet ride it, but alas poor planning on my part meant I will just have to enjoy the photos and videos that appear around the traps.

Great to see R711 up the front for a change too.
  Michelle12 Moderator Photo Overlord

Location: Melbourne
Climbing the 1 in 50 grade out of Traralgon Station

About to pass under Haunted Hills Rd, Hernes Oak

Arriving at Warragul Station

Pakenham Station

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