Incorrect Photo Caption in New Photos - General Electric AC6000 AC4400 locomotives haul a ore train

  M636C Minister for Railways

Rio Tinto have never operated AC6000 type locomotives.

They have only recently purchased ES44 ACi locomotives.

The locomotives illustrated are two ES 44DCi locomotives (the second without red stripes from the first batch 8100-8118) and a former Hamersley Iron Dash9-44CW.

BHP Billiton did operate eight AC 6000 locomotives but these were all scrapped, and none wore liveries seen in the photo.


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  KRviator Moderator

Location: Up the front
Not the first time a photo from the Pilbara has been incorrectly described. I'll go look for it and try to change it.

EDIT: found it and I don't think I can change the description, it is incorrectly described on Flickr, and it looks like the RP photo module simply copies that data over.

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