VR Build Progress

  J502 Station Staff

Location: Sydney
Its been quite a while since I have posted anything so the photo below shows the state of affairs in the Erecting Shop.


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  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
They look perfect. Andy Burge may have made a magnificant C class but your efforts are quite equal, and the amount of work there is impressive.  Keep us informed.....

David Head
  Valvegear Dr Beeching

Location: Norda Fittazroy
Brilliant workmanship - I wish I had the skill and patience to do something like that.
  davesvline Chief Commissioner

Location: 1983-1998
Correct Valve gear.

The other key ingredient is time.

My old man had some guy in NSW build him a 5" Guage loco years ago. Alas not even Australian, let alone Victorian. A damn fine job he did,  and it took ages. This bloke here is doing 4 concurrently....... He's got my admiration.

Definitely interested in future updates.

Well done thus far.


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