Wrong running direction Mt Druitt, NSW on 12 March 2015

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Ok, I will retract my earlier statement... I had thought that the CityRail driver was coming from St Marys end
as stated by "theanimal" it started at the Blacktown end

So I have a new theory

The CityRail train was travelling on the "Down suburban" like normal, and the control had to put him onto either platform 3, 4 or 5 at Blacktown due to the "Down Suburban" track could had been occupied at that time by either another CityRail train, freight train or a CountryLink train (Depending on the time) or platform 6 at Blacktown had to been temporarily closed

Then once the CityRail train had departed Blacktown, the control had forgotten to flick the points in the correct order to allow the CityRail train to continue onto the "Down Suburban" track, or the control could have correctly flicked the points in the correct order but speeding over the points can flick them incorrectly (YES, this can happen it's just that I don't know how to explain it)

So stopping at Doonside, Rooty Hill and Mt Druit on the WRONG track it would have been up to Penrith control to put the freight train onto the UP MAIN at St Marys end, and NOTICED that the CityRail train travelling in the wrong direction which would have been correccted at St Marys

Also as stated by "theanimal" that the train had problems, the first thing is that the train would have TERMINATED at Blacktown as all the train sensors and alarms would have informed the driver telling him/her that their train is defected

however on a note, it is the driver's duty to check to see if his/her train is safe prior to departure from the depot and all trains are fully tested overnight I have seen this happen regularly at Sydney terminal from when the last timetabled train stops running until the first train that runs the next morning "Very interesting"

I am not trying to upset anyone here, just having my opinion put accross like many other users that's what Railpage is all about so don't yell at me mate lol I'm just trying to have a go as to what could have been the reason why the train was travelling in the wrong direction... Keep flaming off the boards and make it fun for everyone to have a go Wink

Fair enough, I may not know what I am talking about sometimes and may not know how to express my words correctly but I am trying guy's Smile
Well, you said it! You took the words right out of my mouth. After reading this post, it is blatantly obvious that you have absolutely no idea of what you are talking about, complete and utter codswallop!!!

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I am not here to blame the CityRail driver or the freight train driver

I would say it had to been a point failure at St Marys, the CityRail driver may have had to turn back forcing him/her to travel in the wrong direction to get back onto the UP main rather than the UP suburban line but was too late to get there or it could have been a brake failure which could have caused a roll back or the driver had mistakenly flicked the reverse switch without realising

Or maybe the freight train had to go on the UP main, again the points at St Marys had failed, normally all freight and countrylink traffic are put onto the UP main track during peak hours due to more suburban traffic are on the up and down suburban lines

I just believe it would be the set of points that failed to switch for either the CityRail or Fright Train driver's
They are both really lucky as no collision had happened
I've lost count of the number of times I've thrown the reverser the wrong way. It's even worse when you do it in 8N, all sorts of wonderful alarms come up and you get a wicked bunny-hop going as the wheels lock up then start spinning backwards, so I can see how he might have got his FWD/REV mixed up. Dropping it into reverse intentionally is actually better for the loco than using dynamic brakes as you don't have the wear and tear on the dyno grids!

The Driver would have known the points failed ahead of time, as ATRICS would have told him via the MetroNet radio, and he would have got an alarm on the TOS screen.
Bzzzt incorrect ATRICS does not told him anything, ATRICS is for the Network Controller who MAY have passed him a message. But again, please (sobbing quietly into his English Breakfast Tea) read the report, there was NO point failure, there are no Points at Mt Druitt.
Pisstake fail..... Rolling Eyes

EDIT: WTF does Railpage do to the RB Picard smiley?!?!? Perfect opportunity to use it and it magnifies it a gazillion times... Evil or Very Mad

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