Mernda rail plea falls on deaf ears

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  Lad_Porter Chief Commissioner

Location: Yarra Glen
- Rail under OR over road options for new premium station at Mernda south of Bridge Inn Rd
- Stabling yard north of Bridge Inn Rd
I thought that one reason for putting the station to the south of Bridge Inn Road was to avoid having to build a crossing of that road, but if the stabling yard is to the north then obviously the road will have to be crossed.  Is there room for a stabling yard to the south of the road?  What about car parking?

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  torrens5022 Junior Train Controller

It's quite simple: extension beyond Mernda will NEVER happen because NOBODY (on BOTH sides of politics) wants Whittlesea to become part of Melbourne's urban sprawl.  EVERY planning strategy document since the 1980s has made perfectly clear that the urban area will stretch to MERNDA and no further.
Toby Esterhase

It's very clear where the urban sprawl is going north and that's towards Wallan, Whittlesea is clearly outside the boundries

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