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On many photos of even the old SAR up until the early 1980s I can see that Target Plates or shapes were used on railcars and locos near the bumper can someone provide me a list of what these shapes meant and what location they were going to.

I heard the shape + meant the northern lines etc.

Thanks for your help.

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Same is listed on johhnyspages, also gives the nighttime headlight/marker light designations
click this and go to the bottom of the page

Also check this thread from 2006

One addition to the above is the Tonsley line which was indicated by '=' (same plate as Outer Harbor line but rotated 90 degrees)
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A remaining relic of this practice is SteamRanger carrying the X plate to this day.

Curiously, it seems from all the photos I can find that 621 seems to be the only loco not to carry it. Anyone know if there's some particular reason for that?
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After looking at some photo's close up from Xmas time there seems to be no bracket on the front of the loco to place it in . But 621 still carries the X on the tender

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