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  bingley hall Minister for Railways

Location: Last train to Skaville
Seems ARHS ACT are taking DC6029 to Dubbo for the weekend on the 28/29th May.

TAA has been released for the local Dubbo shuttles, but i assume the forward and return workings will be released soon.

Arhs act website are releasing info later this week

Factory Fill was kind enough to highlight the forthcoming tour out West by 6029 at the end of May/ beginning of June, but that thread appears to have been hi-jacked Razz

Can't find any details yet on the Canberra Railway Museum web site but initial details have appeared on Facebook

28/29 May - Dubbo
4/5 June - Bathurst
11/12/13 JUne - Orange

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  apw5910 Chief Commissioner

Location: Location: Location.
If only 6029 could team up with 3642 with a decent load and repeat Track 8 (465 Goods at Tumulla) on the Night Shift CD so we could get it in stereo this time...
  Factory_Fill Deputy Commissioner

Location: Melbourne VIC
I was looking forward to 6029 leading out to Bathurst, only to find out the two CFCLA S's will be dragging her there.
  LowndesJ515 #TeamRog

Location: Not in Victoria
Pay for coal and 6029 can lead
  peterreynell Locomotive Fireman

not to forget to add a contribution  to recovery of some of the half mill spent on replacing the boiler [that would help get another restoration under way]  or to circa a whole mill for the next boiler and general overhaul  for 6029 in maybe 10 years!

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