Hornby Dublo track feeds

  Old Northern Locomotive Driver

I recently purchased a 3 rail Hornby Dublo train set, which is in well above average condition.  There is one problem though.  The rail section that has the feeds for the electricity from the transformer to the track is missing the nuts that you screw down onto the wires.  Does anyone know what thread they are, so I can get some replacements?

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  SA_trains Deputy Commissioner

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Short answer, no.

Longer answer: There is a shop in Canberra called "Specialty Fasteners", essentially a shop with all sorts of nuts and bolts#. I'd find a shop like the one in Canberra in your region and take a section of track there and ask them, and test fit some nuts and see how you go.

Good luck!

# this is where I purchase the screws I need for attaching things like Kadee couplers etc...
  wally-wowser1 Train Controller

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Try  Train Trader at Pymble  , Sydney . They have a good assortment of Hornby parts from years ago. Open wed to sat , phone 029488 9279 . http://www.traintrader.com.au

  Old Northern Locomotive Driver

Thanks for the input.  Coincidentally I was in Fyshwick about three or four weeks ago and was just one street away from where Specialty Fasteners is, but it's a bit too far from Sydney for me to make a return trip any time soon.  I'm probably going to be in Hornsby next week, so I might do a detour via Pymble and visit Train Trader.
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8BA threads are what you're looking for. I just put a pair of 8BA nuts on a Hornby Dublo power feed track that was also missing the originals. They're a bit on the fiddly size, being so tiny, so I'd suggest finding something with a larger diameter than ordinary 8BA nuts if you can. I only used them because I had stocks. Smile

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