Real estate agents warn sky rail will see property values drop


News article: Real estate agents warn sky rail will see property values drop

REAL estate agents in Melbourne’s inner south have warned houses near planned sky rail train tracks could drop in value by as much as 25 per cent.

  Myrtone Chief Commissioner

Location: North Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria
Okay, currently, with the railway at ground level, crossing most roads on the same level, with all the rail traffic there, the level crossing bell can most certainly be heard a lot. And road traffic is often stopped at the level crossings. One can only walk across the railway tracks between trains if the headway between them is long enough.
With Skyrail, there will be no more bells heard from nearby, and one can go under the tracks at any time regardless of rail traffic, yet Skyrail will decrease property value?

While not part of the current plans, replacing the flyovers in Oakleigh, Hughesdale and Westall with a longer viaduct may actually increase property values in certain areas.

Also, it frees up land under the railway, so wouldn't that increase property values.

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  Bullucked Assistant Commissioner

Feral Scum making the news again. Ask the residents of Canterbury what they think of their 'skyrail', l bet they're only dirty that its been built on an embarkment.
God l hate the Feral Scum and its frenzy whipping up abilities.

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