James Martin Foundry, Gawler

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Am researching James Martin Foundry, Gawler and locomotives manufactured. His foundry was Phoenix and there is/was another Phoenix foundry at Ballarat, Vic causing some confusion to writers on this subject. Have found a lot of info on the web and will need to sort through. As he is blood related (distantly) will include in my family history. To add a different slant, am also interested in finding any of "his" locomotives on postage stamps!  Any advice or URL links appreciated. Thanks.

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  touring Junior Train Controller

Location: Adelaide
Gawler Now and Then are the fonts of all knowledge about Gawler and districts. Browse their website and give them a call after you troll through their huge online photo collection.
  duttonbay Minister for Railways

The Light Railway Research Society of Australia have an old booklet titled "Australasian Locomotive Builders Lists 2 - James Martin, Perry Engineering". Published in 1987 or thereabouts, it's an old production, duplicated A4 size. It contains just lists and no photos. If you are interested in sorting out the locomotives manufactured by James Martin it might be worth a perusal. $3 (plus postage) from the online shop:


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