Kuranda Railway

  Indobob Beginner

I am new to this forum so my apologies if the question has been asked previously. What models are available covering the locos and carriages for the Kuranda Scenic Railway? My main interest is in British Outline OO but as I live near Cairns and this train is a wonderful sight I thought that maybe I can have one for my layout.

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  JimYarin Chief Commissioner

Location: Adelaide, South Australia
The carriages for that service are specialist but believe the locomotives are actually regular QR freight locos.
  duttonbay Minister for Railways

Haskell Co and Wuiske Models are collaborating on a RTR model of a 1720 class, which are the locos normally used these days on the Kuranda trains. These locos will be available in HO (on 16.5mm gauge) and HOn3½ (12mm gauge). According to Narrow Gauge Downunder delivery is expected late 2016. The photo below shows two 1720 classes on the Kuranda train in 2012.

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