WANTED! - Models/items you want to look for

  drgwsd50 Beginner

G'day All

I am looking for On Track Models VLEY single car (VR) with the "Freight Centre Traffic Only VicRail Rail Road" stencil.

Please PM if you have one that I can purchase.

Thank you

No longer needed, I found some at Caulfield exhibition.

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  Heihachi_73 Chief Commissioner

Location: Terminating at Ringwood
Do any places still stock the old Life-Like HO freight bogies that clip into the chassis? I recently acquired a ton of old Life-Like and Tyco freight cars to restore, with a number of them missing bogies and/or wheelsets. I had a few unopened packs left but finally ran out and now I'm stuck! I'm thinking the Life-Like bogies would still be the cheapest by far and as they still clipped in without requiring any screws it saves me having to modify every car to fit the more modern bogies. And before anyone runs away screaming, the first thing I did to each car was screw some Kadee #5s on each end. The first thing I do when I get the bogies out of the packet is chop the horn hooks off. Smile
  wanabetraindrvr Junior Train Controller

hello would anyone have a current livery v line passenger mk 3 they might like to move on?? auscision made them and sadly are sold out. dont need weathered or dcc just standard for display please hope to hear from someone.  ooops sorry im chasing a n class in the mk3 vline hamburger red yellow colours please!!
  Ardglen Junior Train Controller

Hi all, I am looking for the following Auscision models;
4303 with silver pilot
4306 with silver pilot
I was slow and models have sold out at Auscision .
All reasonable offers considered; please PM if you can assist.
  NSWGRules Locomotive Fireman

Ho all,
Currently looking to buy a NSWGR 34 Class Steam Loco for an old mate of mine.  If you have one and interested in selling please let me know.  Thanks.  
Happy modelling NSWGRules.
  Speedbird Train Controller

Hi guys, looking for Auscision Pacific National Grain Hoppers please!
  VR_King Junior Train Controller

Hi all, I am looking for a PSM or Train builder A2 in the Canadian red.
Please PM if you can help.
  davesvline Chief Commissioner

Location: 1983-1998
Hi all.

I'm looking for a Victorian Hobby Centre (VHC) 1st series Y class battery box.
Dont know what happened to all the VHC stock when Eric (RIP) sold the business. I do know he still did some kits under his brand name Rail Scale Models including this battery box, but where it all ended up I have no idea.

PM any help pls.

Thanks, and Regards
  NSWGRules Locomotive Fireman

Hi all,

I'm looking for a couple of locos.  

1. DJH 55 class kit un-assembled.  I have a Bergs 55 cl Brass loco which has collapsed driving wheels.  I would like to take parts from the DJH to put in the Bergs Brass loco.  If anyone has any other ideas or know where I can buy replacement wheels i'd really appreciate it.  Bergs don't have replacements.  

2. I also would like to buy a Bachmann Spectrum Shay to make a Wolgan Valley/ Newnes NSW railway shay.  

If you have any of these items and you'd like to sell them please let me know.

All the best and happy modelling.
  trainguy84 Junior Train Controller


I'm looking for:
Auscision B61 in SSR livery
Auscision B65 in Auscision livery

Willing to pay fair prices

Please PM with further details.


I have sourced the two locomotives, thanks
  coreyraff Station Master

Pm sent trainguy84
  trainguy84 Junior Train Controller

Pm sent coreyraff
  Flatop Deputy Commissioner

Location: Some where in a Cab
Wanted to buy a  Auscision  West Coast  B class .Will pay reasonable price.
  Heihachi_73 Chief Commissioner

Location: Terminating at Ringwood
I also need some gears for an early 90s Bachmann F9 with the old pancake motor. The gears have a habit of splitting and rendering the locos all but useless. I'd rather not have to buy and retrofit a complete mech, even if the new mech is all wheel drive and has a modern can motor that doesn't sound as loud as a vacuum cleaner.

The gears have 18 teeth on the large side and 8 teeth on the small side and go between the wheelsets and the main drive unit rather than on the wheelsets themselves (the wheelsets also have the same large gear but the small gear is not present). Life-Like gears don't fit despite having the same motor, I already tried that with my GP38-2 (in Australian National green and gold, of course).
  NSWGRules Locomotive Fireman

Hi all,

Has anyone with a Noch (Electric)- Static Grass applicator 'GrassMaster' they have excess to their needs and wish to sell?
  coreyraff Station Master

Looking for 2x austrains freight australia G classes. Not after G513. Either G521 or G539. Or another custom number in series 2.

Can pay cash or trade of equal value
  trainguy84 Junior Train Controller


I'm on the outlook for some Auscision ABSY SCT wagons or Railmotor PBGY wagons.

  Tom66 Assistant Commissioner

Im after some Auscision RCSF coil steel wagons. Please PM me if you have any you would like to sell. Thanks, Tom
  NSWGRules Locomotive Fireman

Hi all,

I'm looking to buy rollingstock to make up carriages for a Wolgan Valley/ Newnes NSW railway.  Kits or RTR.  

Thank you.  
  SPSD40T2 Chief Commissioner

Location: Platform 9-3/4 and still waiting !!
Gday all

After  something of this type .

Older Athearn Blue Box type ALCO or Ge loco with AAR B type trucks.  
Not fussed if going or not...with or with motor...with or with out Shell

really after a rolling chassis

  NSWGRules Locomotive Fireman

Hi all,

Wondering if anyone has a Trainorama 44 class Red Terror livery which may be excess to stock they wish to sell.  

Thank you.
  justdun Beginner

WTB: K class kit bits and pieces

I've been lucky enough to obtain two assembled K class boilers and chassis (one with wheels), but am missing just about everything else!

If you happen to have any K (like) class bits and pieces around, I'd be interested in buying/swapping.

I'm looking for a tender, front bogie assembly, valve/running gear, white metal detailing parts, modelling screws etc.

Thanks for looking!

  coreyraff Station Master

Hi im looking for an austrains Y class in freight australia livery if anyone has one they wish to sell for a reasonable price
  Dd893 Train Controller

Location: Castlemaine
Evening All

I'm looking at buying a pack of Auscision Victorian Railways ALX plain sided car carriers, either pack VCC-1 or VCC-2.
I only want 2 wagons and they come in 4 packs.
If there is anyone in Central Victoria who would like to share a pack, please PM me before Sunday Jan 8th.
Cost for 2 wagons will be $130 plus postage if required. I travel all around Central Vic most weeks, therefore can deliver.
  roy66 Junior Train Controller

@ Dd893,

Pm sent.

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