Uk train driver just moved to Oz

  tammo73 Beginner

Hi all,
I've just moved home from the UK where I have been driving DMU passenger trains. I'm trying to get my foot in the door here. I'm bases in Newcastle. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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  Bogong Chief Commissioner

Location: Essendon Aerodrome circa 1980
I'm from Victoria, the state to the south of New South Wales and I'm rather bemused that they still have some of the ancient, UK Class 253, a design that dates from around 45 years ago still running on passenger traffic in NSW. If you've worked on them in the UK, that should help.

Otherwise, they also run Xplorer DMUs.
and their close relatives Endeavour DMUs.
  Bogong Chief Commissioner

Location: Essendon Aerodrome circa 1980
Oops, I almost forgot the Hunter railcars.

So there are a few varieties of DMU in NSW.
  Colonel Leon Junior Train Controller

The UK has many more DMUs than here in Australia. All the Sydney suburban trains are EMUs as well as intercity trains to Lithgow, Hamilton and Kiama being EMUs too.
  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Job wise look at the Employment forum for job, employment stuff.........

David Head
  gordon_s1942 Chief Commissioner

Location: Central Tablelands of NSW
You would do well to have some serious references from your previous employer in the UK as well as a history of your experience but I would be very surprised if they considered you for employment that you didnt have to go through what ever approval criteria they use for selection.
Be prepared of course with being considered as 'Too well qualified/experienced' as I think today they prefer an 'Empty Vessel' to mold to suit with no preconceived ideas on board.
Good luck anyway.

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