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Hi all,

Does anyone have any photographs the Pantograph of Tulloch DD Prototype car C3802?

It stands out from the other cars by having what looks to be an early development of the Tangara pantograph but resembles the Airmate types fitted to C3801 and C3803.

Thanks to those to contribute to this.

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In these plan drawings http://www.coalstonewcastle.com.au/plan/009/document/ it suggest that Tulloch C3802 powercar is fitted with a single arm styled pantograph, C3801 & C3803 are fitted with the "X" styled pantographs, C3804 was fitted with a wider arm span styled pantograph

Sadly I don't have any photographs to show you, but I do remember sitting in the Tulloch C3802 when it was still in service some time between 2007 to 2009 from memory it was a non-powered carriage then
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As far as I know, the pantograph on C3802 was unique.

It had two arms on the outer side of the pan, and looked like half a standard pantograph. I seem to recall that it was said that the two arms were required for the heavier pan needed by the 1500 V DC system compared to lighter equipment used on AC systems. Clearly, since single arm pantographs have since been used on Dc in NSW, this concern was unneccesary.

There should be photographs in copies of Railway Transportation Magazine, (1951-1975) now available on DVD.

I think only 3801 and 3803 were converted to trailers as 4797 and 4799.

3802 would have been 4798, 3804 would have been 4800.

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C3802's pantograph was more like a half - diamond pantograph. This might not be right, but I think I saw a small - resolution image in Volume 3 of 'Comeng: A History of Commonwealth Engineering' on Google Books.


I'm pretty sure that C3802 was scrapped in 1990 in the middle of it's rebuild to T4798. I think you must have ridden on either T4799 (ex-C3803) or maybe even T4797 (ex-C3801).

I'm not sure if there were any plans for C3804 to be rebuilt. But if it was, then it would have been T4800. I am aware that at one point it was a mess room in Elcar, Chullora. It had lost most of it's electricals by then, but when the NSW Rail Transport Museum wanted the car to go on display, the clutter was cleaned up and the seating was reinstated. If you want proof lift up the door motor hatches, all there is are a pile of old pipes inside it.

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