Maxitrak Planet Specifications

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I was wondering if someone could give me some specifications on the maxitrak planet as i am thinking of getting one the main thing i wanted to know was how long dose the battery last


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  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
@B67 might help...... we'll hope he checks up soon.

  aussie48 Junior Train Controller

Location: Melbourne
If you google Maxitrax you will get a very disappointing answer, they say 10 miles and it will pull 200kg.  So if it is doing a top speed of 5 MPH 2 hours between charge.
  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
You can always build a battery into your bum truck, or a battery and a 2nd motor......

David Head
  B 67 Chief Commissioner

Location: Central Gippsland
Thanks for the nudge David. Smile

I've had my Planet since mid 2010. My particular Planet is not quite the same as the majority of those in Australia. I bought it from Maxitrak before Mini Train Systems began importing them. The MTS ones use large deep cycle batteries in the bum truck. My own one has a smaller deep cycle battery under the hood. You'd have to ask MTS how long their batteries last, but I suspect they'd be more than adequate for a day's running.

Maxitrak's specs use a car battery (because they're cheaper), and say you'll get about 4 hours from that. I decided to spend the extra on a deep cycle battery. That was in 2010, and I'm still using it.The most I have run for in one day was 7 hours, admittedly, not hauling passengers. Distance covered was 25km (odometer fitted). It still had 12 volts at the end of the day, so could've run longer. I have an air horn fitted to mine that draws more amps than the traction motors. So when the horn gets weak, I know the voltage is running down. I had also fitted a volt and ammeter though.

I had to modify the battery terminals, and lower the battery tray to get the battery to fit, but it wasn't much work and well worth the effort. The battery also weighs 18kg, so it is heavier than the loco itself and gives it better traction. I had to fit stronger springs to the front axle to take the extra weight. I understand the the car battery the loco was designed for weighs 10kg.

When hauling passengers on public runs, I've had 2 large adults and 2 children as well as myself, and although it struggled on grades, it got us around the track.

Maximum speed is said to be around 8km/h. I find 10km/h is normal. Down hill, I have got up to about 20km/h. I say " about"  because the bike speedo I have fitted only indicates up to 16km/h. Above that, the little wheels are spinning so fast, the magnet on the axle is passing the reed switch too quickly for it to work. So I just get 0km/h.

My Planet is the original twin-motor (2 x 80 watt) version. They now come with 4 x 60 watt motors, apparently due to the original motor being discontinued. That may result in a reduction in running hours per charge. But should still be enough.

The loco is really intended for small backyard lines with the driver and maybe 1 or 2 passengers. It will handle moderate grades with passengers. I intend to eventually add a powered van to go with it for extra hauling capacity.

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