Why the "Metro" term so popular in Australia

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I think this is a very interesting topic to discuss. Over the past 5-10 years, this term is getting used more constantly by politics to explain to make the rail system into the 21st century. It's popularity is from how generic this term is used in other train networks around the world have been used and sounds nice to the average citizen. But the meaning is so vague and bland that it often its confused by what it really means.

Just to clarify, a metro means very frequent and very high capacity rail service that serves mostly dense areas in a city.  Just very frequent or as politic call it 'turn of and go' system. Also high capacity, so other terms bigger trains. Misconception is it has to be single deckers since double decker can't run as frequent, this is not true. Also doesn't mean its all subways or means it a very fast service either.

The problem is that not all Australian cities aren't ready for a fully functioning metro system yet. It's because how our cities are dense in the core but the outer surburbs are sprawls of single housing. Metro can would work on our very busy lines which is what is proposed at Melbourne and Sydney. For Brisbane and Perth not quite yet ready but can aim for it.

My opinion is not use the word metro because it is just basically not a easy term to understand in Australia because we have no examples of this. Instead should call it "mass transit system" or something along the line

PS. Found a good definition at wikipedia, I'm surprised how accurate it was

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  YM-Mundrabilla Minister for Railways

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Because it is easier to rename something or change its paint job (or both) than to fix its problems.
  Carnot Minister for Railways

Because it's only two syllables and sounds Parisian.
  Valvegear Oliver Bullied, CME

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When Metro started running ( I nearly typed ruining ) Melbourne's trains, it was said that they needed to repaint all the carriages quickly because brand identification was important.
I could never understand the reasoning - after all, it's not as though I have a choice and can say, "I won't catch the Metro train; I'll wait for a DB or Amtrak or Oriental Express train"  or whatever other brand there is.
  marvin Assistant Commissioner

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It's so that we can be conned into standing for our rail journey.


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