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Hey everyone!

I've recently been watching some YouTube videos which feature lots of Aussie content, such as XPT's, XPL's, V sets etc etc.

I'm really keen to purchase Trainz and get into it myself, however I have a couple questions before I do so.

I'm looking into purchasing a copy on Steam, but there are a few different versions which are Trainz Driver 2016, Trainz A New Era & Trainz Simulator 12. For the time being I'm only looking into driving Aussie routes with Aussie content, which version should I purchase?

Also, where would be the best place to obtain Aussie trains and routes?

Cheers in advance!

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Trainz A New Era (commonly "TANE") is the current mainstream version while Trainz 12 is the previous one. TANE most notably has better graphics capabilities than previous versions (although older content might need a few tweaks to fully take advantage), but also has higher hardware requirements - in particular a higher-end graphics card is recommended (and DirectX 11 compatibility is a must.) There are some TANE-exclusive routes available but older routes and content are less likely to be problematic in 12 (though are generally fixable in TANE.)

Trainz Driver 2016 is basically TANE cut down to only support payware DLC, so is best ignored.

TANE has one steam-era Aussie layout included in the Standard edition plus a second in the Deluxe edition (while 12 only has overseas stuff built in). The main source of further content is the Download Station, which is accessible through the Trainz Content Manager - though it is limited to dial-up speeds unless you pay for a "First Class Ticket" (it might also be required full stop for Trainz 12 given its age now, but I can't remember on this point.) There are also third-party sites such as Australian Trainz Division (, and a variety of NSW content can be found at One thing to note is that some content requires items from the Deluxe edition of TANE; such content will generally install fine into Standard TANE but will look incomplete.

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