Western Distributor needs more opposition

  True Believers Chief Commissioner

Western Distributor project - Melbourne
Summary of project:
Originally West Gate Distributor which only add ramps to Hyde Street and Widen the Shepard Bridge. Then Transurban put this proposal on top of the exist one which they wanted to pay and toll it. Their plan included widening the West Gate Freeway (increase toll revenue), Add two tunnels between West Gate Freeway and Maribyrnong River (potential pollution from ventalisation in tunnels), A bridge over the river and ramps into port (overshadowing), elevated road on Footscray road (elevated roads are not appealing) and finally a muddle of exits heading into city and tulla toll road (Adding congestion on already bottleneck roads). Also funding is to be paid some by State government, some from the tolls on the road itself and extension of tolls on city link for another 10 years (toll revenue from extending tolls is not a good idea).These concerns are not resolved with this project.

What I am proposing;
When skyrail announced a huge protest arranged when it comes to upgrading a rail corridor and most of these concerns were addressed. But when a toll road proposal comes from thin air and doesn't show whether it stacks up has only minor concerns and there is very little local opposition. Western Distributor is a good value for 5.5 billion dollars which could be invested instead to the port rail project and Melbourne metro 2 which would improve the west freight and goods and also help public transport in the west. Only if enough people protest the government will reconsider it proposal and change their minds. In Sydney Wolli Creek protests stopped a toll road coming through the natural parkland and guess what they got a rail line to the airport instead. Also the government is now trying to avoid skyrail on Frankston line because of these protests. Only if there is more opposition to the project it will be stopped and public transport upgrades will come.

Note; It's the east-west project in disguise, and it has similar flaws with the West Connex in Sydney and Port Freight Link in Perth. Building more roads don't remove congestion it only spreads it and makes the whole road system slower. Only efficient modes of transport like trains can move more people per hour and therefore removes more bottlenecks from freeways heading into the city. The problem is that politicians are so dependent on the road lobby for congestion solutions when public transport can solve them much quicker and more efficiently.

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  Radioman Chief Train Controller

Hello James974 and others ,

Tonight the State Government has indicated the Western Distributor's opening will result in truck bans in adjacent streets , much to the chagrin of the Trucking Association and the State Opposition Leeder ( the bloke that forgot to tell his Cabinet , the Parliament and the incoming Government of a written letter guaranteeing financiers $ 1 Billion dollars of our money ) who both appear to want the Western Disrtibutor and unlimited local street access as well.

Whilst massive overhead freeways are resented , the alternative is big , heavy multi trailer trucks using local streets that were never designed , and cannot safely cope , with heavy road freight vehicles .

If you have an alternative way of handling such road vehicles , then please enlighten us , because the reality is the trucks are here to stay whether we like em or not , and I for one think the western suburbs residents do need relief from heavy traffic on local streets .

Bets wishes and regards , Radioman

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