Can we have a thread to sell item for sale that are NOT model RR based ?

  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
This thread set up for people to discuss this topic. At aModeraotr level we talked about this briefly a few years ago with no interest to provide this general facility.

I have had to delete  4  posts from the for sale thread ( it is not a general discussion thread ) but are reposting, sort of, here.

I WILL bring it up again with the other Admin and fellow mods soon.

I have not swept the issue under the table, discuss, and also ponder why we do not like anything for sale here.
But have to keep thread to the rules assocoated with them - I didn't delete the thread straight away, sometimes I do.
I gave it some chance.

Note  yes post have been deleted from the modelRr forun - and the for sale thread. Only post for sale are allowed, no discussion. you can see the posts here, could not split them into a new thread ( Itried for 40min) so came upo with this thread

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  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia


A complete edition of the rules and regulations from the state transport authority.
1987 edition

493 pages

located in Adelaide
Post can be arranged at cost

Mod note:

While a lot of things can be argued as being model Railway significant, this item is not. These threads are for model railway equipment only. Normally I would remove the entry quickly, but this time I'll wait at least 2 days. Then the post may be removed without notice at anytime after..... so you have a chance, but only this time. Other people thinking about doing this will be dissapointed....  David Head, Moderator


I would like to respectfully disagree with the moderator’s assessment of this items relevance to model railways.

A LOT of high quality information can be found within these sources to aid a modeller in accurately replicating prototypical practices.

Whilst this particular title does not suit my modelling subjects, I actively seek out items such as these that suit my era and location, to enhance my modelling experience.

I would encourage anyone modelling the late eighties in NSW to snap this up at a bargain price , and would think that similar sources of recearch should be actively encouraged to be sold within this forum.




To David and Harley.

I am sorry that this seems to be against the guidelines. I read the title of the thread as Models / Items you want to sell.
Personally I have gained a lot of information from this volume re signaling, consists etc. The information re breakdown of trains , marshalling etc does allow people to present a more prototypical approach to their modelling.

If this is not acceptable here is there somewhere on Railpage where it can be listed?


I will also side with the vendor in that this is relevant to model railways. Also not my thing, but anyone interested in conducting Model Railway Operations, such references are essential for getting consists and replicating operations correct.

I think that it should stay available.


  Graham4405 Minister for Railways

Location: Dalby Qld
Surely policy is for the Site Admins to determine, perhaps with input from Moderators?

But my personal thinking is that eBay, Gumtree etc are for selling things.
  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Policy will be the owner's decision, but are being as "transparent" asI can.I could have just deleted the post with no opportunity to continue the discussion, but I thought it was better this way, even when I could not split the thread to do the same thing. The policy is not up to me, but tot he owner of the site who is advised by his admi and mod ream. He may appriciate seeing  many views on the matter.

ps the post with the for sale item is still visable  above  Smile

David Head

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