Which railway stations needs an upgrade?

  slowcoach Junior Train Controller

From what I've observed I've compiled a long criteria of specific upgrades to our run-down stations to bring it to 21st century standards:
-- Spotless toilets cleared of graffiti, wet paper towels, excrements, insects and foul odours. Use of Porcelain toilet bowls and sinks instead of stainless, uncorrosive steel and high-powered sensor hand-dryers.
e.g. Flinders Street Station
-- Shelters that cover the entire length of the platform
-- Gap reducers on platform edges for the disabled, elderly and pregnant. e.g. Heyington
-- Public Information Displays for the next 3 trains
-- Multiple exits and entrances for close access to carparks, transport interchanges and local shops.
-- Expanded or multiple subways with bright lighting and clear signage
-- Faster VIX Myki readers
-- Cafes and local shops in and around stations
-- Escalators and elevators at all premium, elevated or underground stations to accompany the ramps
-- Easy access to bus and tram interchanges like platform stops and shelters that minimise rain and wind exposure
-- Extra security i.e. PSOs

Of course, money and political will are the only obstacles to upgrade every single station that desperately deserve one.

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  ZH836301 Chief Commissioner

Location: BleakCity
I'd rather decent service frequencies so you don't need to waste time at stations.
  True Believers Chief Commissioner

I'd rather decent service frequencies so you don't need to waste time at stations.
Just for the sake for discussion I believe Aircraft station needs an upgrade.Razz

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