Gheringhap Maroona line (pre diesel era) Videos/films?

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Does anyone happen to know if there is any old films or videos about this line before the diesel era? All the videos i've seen regardless whether its DVD or VHS don't contain anything going by the description on the case. Surely someone with a super 8 or a video camera must have recorded something along this line.

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My dad got a fair bit at Gheringhap in the 1990's, some of which features in this video:
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What made the former broad gauge  Gheringhap - Maroona line so interesting in its last years as a bg line was that it carried a fair volume of broad gauge  interstate traffic (pre 1995 standardization) via Maroona both to Adelaide via Serviceton and to Mt Gambier via Heywood .

This traffic was handled very efficiently by a number of trailable points crossing loops all worked with miniature electric staff working with self service safeworking by train crews along the line . (Viz: The train crew entered a safeworking hut at each loop, spoke with Train Control and then sank the staff from the incoming section, and obtained a fresh staff for the next section .  This electric staff working did not require the presence of a person at the staff machine at the other end of the section .)

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