Interstate passenger maglev

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  eddyb Chief Train Controller

Thought I would start this thread to allow discussion on interstate maglev passenger trains to compete with planes.


South Korea

While India is going to use expensive air resistance maglev that can do 600kph but is limited to 500 because of running cost or maybe even wheels on steel that to go from 300kph to 350kph costs one third more to run and France is only building one more as they are losing money.

At 1,000kph you only need single tunnels and track with passing loops at stations so cost is the same as HSR.

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  bevans Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Elon Musk is tipped to get the project between New York and Washington DC over the line shortly.  This will be an interesting test case into what is really possible between two cities with high plane usage.  City pair.
  Pressman Spirit of the Vine

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So why a second thread eddyb? we've already had 15 pages on this over here >>
  Valvegear Dr Beeching

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Eddy; a new thread is not going to stop you from writing the same tripe that we've been reading for months. We need another thread on this rubbish as much as a reindeer needs a hat rack.
  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Ok I'll make this simple. This thread is for maglev the other thread continues for Magtube.  If this thread  had magtube content in it by Eddie, it will meet a unfortunate doom . Other poster will heed my hint - I hope.

If others post incorrectly, the posts will be deleted, no warning.

David Head
  eddyb Chief Train Controller

CLARA depends on how many immigrants we allow and to plan properly we need to have a discussion on this

Also we must remember that 80% of immigrants settle in our biggest cities so making value capture a bit dicy.

Another thing to take into account is Russia, Japan and Italy have a population decline and even though I am happy with our present immigration balance maybe we should increase it a bit while we can as we can get more from our produce sold locally than exporting it and it would provide sufficient demand for a domestic car maker etc.

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