QR Trainee Driver positions

  rook Locomotive Driver

It is hard to tell... A school every few months...

You are right, a lot of interest from internal applicants, as always, being the case, there may be no need for external applicants... For now!

However the amount of guards needed is higher than 25 of course, in both the near and far future. People should be looking into these positions;

Shed Worker
Station Staff
Yard Cleaner

These are the places "externals" need apply to get into traincrew. Whilst it is possible to get into traincrew externally (p/t'ers?), you are far more likely to succeed in getting a traincrew position from the above mentioned positions.

Well, maybe.

I got in via one of those paths (stations->guard->driver), so I'm not saying you're wrong.  But I was always in the minority in my trainee classes at each level; most (>75%) came from off the street.

The main advantage of being an internal candidate arises at the interview stage:  an internal applicant will be aware of safeworking situations and war stories, and how s/he handled them.  That is a useful advantage--traditionally QR interviews 3 candidates for each hired position, and the interview is where experience counts most.

But the applicant would have to have passed the psychosometric (Veedre) testing stage to get to the interview stage.  If you can't pass that, you have little hope of making traincrew (guard or driver), no matter what your other entry-level QR experience might be.

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  cuthbert Train Controller

I know of a relatively junior PN Shunter (from off the street) that got on as a Trainee Driver for QR - go figure!
  NBP Junior Train Controller

Location: Brisbane
Funny rook, I was an external applicant.
  Expost Chief Commissioner

Way back on 24 Sept 2007, I wrote my first post on RP. Its back on page 4 of this thread.

Hi All,
My first post, having just joined the forum. I have, by this time, made it through the theory, prac, blood tests, and medical for a Trainee Driver position. Medical was done last week, and quizzing the doctor there, he said my elevated cholesterol level wasnt enough for him to knock me back. I know my referees were contacted, and that they gave good reviews for me.

Any ideas what is the waiting time now? By the way QR Careers was going, it seems to me that they are in a bit of a hurry to fill the current positions- I was contacted less than a week after the prac testing to organise a medical and a second referee.

I am currently based in Gladstone, and my username hopefully reflects my position soon. 25 years with the one company, and its time for a career change.

So my next question is, having signed a willingness to work in any depot in Qld, are successful applicants given ANY choice? I am settled here, married, with a late teenage family. I hope to get on at a depot within reasonable distance of home, and commute on the weekends back home. Long distance travel doesnt worry me, gives me a reason to get a bigger bike. But obviously, the closer the better.


Now, 7 1/2 years later, I am almost the last survivor of what turned out to be BF01, the trainee intake of 30 March 2008, to leave Bluff. About 1/3 of the 12 trainees are now no longer working for Aurizon, having either left the industry, or working for a competitor. One of the ladies now drives the Tilt Train for QR. Of the rest, we have moved on, with about 5 going to end up at Stanwell depot. I have finally got my wish, a transfer to Callemondah.

IN those years, there have been incidents, accidents, SPADs, pull aparts, promotions, highs, lows, the good, and the bad. (No, they are not all mine) Its not all its cracked up to be. The hours can be hard, and long. But the pay is good. And it certainly is a lifestyle.

By the 30 March 2015, 7 years after we commenced, there will not be any BF01ers left at Bluff. Certainly no regrets from myself in making the career change. It certainly beats sorting mail for a living.
  Expost Chief Commissioner

On the 30 March 2008, 11 excited, nervous, and wide eyed newbies, and one recycled ex Brisbaneite guard, signed on for their first day on the job at Bluff as Trainee Train Drivers. BF01, as we were called as a class, worked our way through roughly 4 months of classroom theory and on track practice, before heading out to become DAs, and end up with tutors, and over the following 12 to 18 months, we gained our traction, then route competencies. With the last shift yesterday of the second last remaining driver from BF01 still working at Bluff, yours truly became the longest serving surviving member of BF01 to remain at Bluff. But not for long, having just finished my 4th last shift, by Monday 16 Feb 2015, almost exactly 7 years after we started, there will no longer be anyone from BF01 working at Bluff. I am the last. I finish on Monday, having got my transfer to Callemondah. Were have the 12 gone? Some went west to WA, to earn the big money. Some returned, some stayed. Others have moved on, one is a Tutor driver, one a Supervisor. One now drives the Tilt Train. Stanwell has scored a healthy representation of BF01 in its staff. Some now no longer work in the industry, for whatever reason. What can I say. Its been fun. Good times and bad times, but good memories all the same. Incidents, accidents, SPADS, derailments, near misses, have all been part of the repertoire of members of BF01. So now, the next chapter in my career is nearly starting. Thanks for the memories Bluff, you have been pretty good to me.
  rossco99 Beginner

Does anyone know when qr are recruiting for trainee drivers, guards, shunters...any position to get my foot in the door.  Hoping to apply for driver in future, willing to do anything lol....any info will be greatly recieved.  Thanks
  Expost Chief Commissioner

Sorry Rossco, I cant be of help, but just stating that roughly a year after my last post, BF01 has lost another member from the company. We are now down to 6, 4 at Stanwell, and 2 at Callemondah. That's a 50% loss in 8 years.
  Sulla1 Chief Commissioner

Aurizon is retrenching 18 drivers from the Stuart depot thanks to the Queensland Nickel closure, so it's hard to see anyone needing to take on trainees at the moment while there's qualified staff around.
  rossco99 Beginner

Cheers for the info guys.  Getting the impression qr won't be recruiting drivers internally or externally for some time.  Does anyone know any differently??  Have tried their hr department but got the usual when  "business needs "  them answer, cheers
  Expost Chief Commissioner

They are still putting on trainees, We have 5 I think at Calle, and there are some at Bluff. The training is nothing like what I went through 8 years ago.
  rossco99 Beginner

Expost.  Thanks for info. Is that for Queensland rail??
  Expost Chief Commissioner

No Aurizon. It would be preferable if you identified with a minority group when you apply.
  rook Locomotive Driver

Pure speculation, YMMV and all that...

QR Citytrain are currently scrambling for drivers, needing something like 200 over the next 2 years.  Union politics dictates (so far) that QR is looking to guard-to-driver as the primary intake source for trainee schools.  All recent trainee starts have been internal, mostly guards.

Yeah, I know what I posted above.  That was then, and this is now.  

If there's anything I've learned about QR, especially since I left them, it's that previously sacred HR policies can change at the drop of a hat.  (E.g. as of early 2012, I was assured by a senior manager that there was never gonna be a path from part-time to full-time.  3 months later, there it was --> tick a box on a form and you're done...)

So right now, if you want a driver traineeship at QR Citytrain, there's a big advantage to being on the QR payroll, in any capacity (= "internal candidate").  Grab a casual porter role, or anything else, if you can.

But don't be surprised if that situation changes again tomorrow...
  rossco99 Beginner

Cheers for the info rook.  Just out of interest,  how do you know about qr needing 200 drivers??   I've wrote to them a few times and just get the unhelpful quote....we employ drivers when the business needs them....had that for the last 3 years!!!   Think I might have to get into the company like you said.  Could be the best option
  rook Locomotive Driver

Cheers for the info rook.  Just out of interest,  how do you know about qr needing 200 drivers??  
Gossip.  Take it as you will.

But note that on QR's own publicly announced plans, additional services (= additional driver requirements) will result from
1) New-gen rollingstock.
2) The new Kippa-Ring line.

Then factor in ongoing current-driver attrition from retirement.
  rossco99 Beginner

Has anyone heard anything about a new intake??   Must be doing a lot of internal courses, never seem to recruit externally. Sydney and Adelaide are recruiting....so hurry up QR!!!
  gsxxxr_750 Junior Train Controller

Don't hold your breath Rossco, QR are doing it all internally at the moment.
  rossco99 Beginner

Cheers mate, I won't lol. Just have to apply to any job to get my foot in the door!!
  Random_Rubik Beginner

With the new recruitment drive for drivers and guards it is going to be tough. Hope everyone had time to submit an application.

Any idea how many applied?

Recent information session was quiet on the subject.
  dingoes Beginner

I have applied for the Trainee Driver positions as an external applicant.

Any tips on preparing for psychometric and motor skills testing?
  dingoes Beginner

If anyone has completed the online testing for the latest intake, have they had any communication from QR?
  Barrett2309 Beginner

I have completed the online test, no communication back at all.
  locojoe67 Assistant Commissioner

Location: Gen X purgatory/urban Joh-land
Same here. Still showing selection process on login page.
  locojoe67 Assistant Commissioner

Location: Gen X purgatory/urban Joh-land
3 weeks on, no change, no communication from Qr. Still showing selection process for driver positions, despite failing the inhouse testing for network controller.
  cuthbert Train Controller

I think the State election dropped a spanner in the works, because if the LNP Grubs had won, things would have been catastrophic for QR. And just another coincidence, that election could also be the reason the first NGR train was delayed to go and do revenue work until this week? Now the NGR is going, things may start moving again.

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