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  TheMeddlingMonk Deputy Commissioner

Location: The Time Vortex near Melbourne, Australia
Much better, thanks!

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  hugh g Beginner

Sorry @Draffa, link still isn't working (there's a bug in Railpage). Can you just post the full URL?

Let's see how this works:
Have Pm'ed you Draffa
  3GL Beginner

I have decided to do some simplification of my life, and with that has come the decision to offer for sale most of my HO Scale collection (Standard gauge) so that I can focus on QR narrow gauge.  I don't need to sell them but I would like to.  Multiples of some items.  Make offers but don't be stupid about it; worst I can do is say no. Smile  At the link below you can also see cars, DVD's and other stuff.  Contact via PM if interested.

Athearn C44-9 Southern Pacific #8102
Spectrum Dash 8-40CW Santa Fe 'Warbonnet' #806
Unknown manufacturer SD-45 Burlington Northern
Various HO Scale US Prototype rolling stock
Various N Scale US prototype rolling stock
NR Class NR73 Pacific National 'Maribynong'
NR109 The Ghan
NRXX Un-numbered
NR62 Pacific National
NR48 National Rail 'Kwinana'
SD-38-2 brass loco (unpainted)
NQIW/RQIW Container Wagons (Undecorated)
Auscision N Class Loco (N452 Grey and Tangarine)
Auscision N Class Loco (N457 blue/red/white)
NGPF Grain Hopper 4-pack
CBQY Mk1 Container Wagons (Undecorated)
CBQY Mk2 Container Wagons (Undecorated)
PRRY Container Wagons (Undecorated)
RQHY Container Wagons (Undecorated)
GE diesel (hand-painted BHP livery)
Alco Diesel (Mt Newman Mining livery)
Chessie System SD40-2
Burlington Northern SD40-2
GP-20 (brass, unpainted.  Damaged pilot).
Overland coaches
S' Class Shell
81 Class Shell
Auscision NDFF Ballast Hopper 4-pack (Undecorated)
DL Class loco (Nat. Rail 'light grey')
DL Class loco (Nat. Rail 'Arrow”)
NR Class (7th Run) The Ghan (#74)
NR Class (7th Run) The Ghan (#75)
NR Class (7th Run) The Ghan (#109)
NR Class (7th Run) Indian Pacific (#26)
NR Class (7th Run) Indian Pacific (#27)
NR Class (7th Run) Steelink (#58)
NR Class (7th Run) Steelink (#59)
NR Class (7th Run) Steelink (#60)
NR Class (7th Run) TrailerRail (#53)
NR Class (7th Run) TrailerRail (#54)
NR Class (7th Run) TrailerRail (#55)
NR Class (7th Run) SeaTrain (#56)
NR Class (7th Run) SeaTrain (#57)
NR Class (7th Run) Pacific National 'Stars' (#32)
NR Class (7th Run) Pacific National 'Stars' (#52)
NR Class Southern Spirit (#84)
NR Class Southern Spirit (#85)
Atlas AEM7 Locomotive
Auscision B72 (VR)
Auscision B83 (VR 'teacup')
Auscision B74 (V/Line)
X Class loco X46 Freight Australia
Athearn SD70ACe UP 'MoPac' Heritage scheme (DCC/Sound)
Athearn SD70ACE UP 'Western Pacific' Heritage livery (DCC/Sound)
Athearn SD70ACe UP 'MKT' Heritage Livery (DCC/Sound)
Athearn SD70ACe UP 'D&RGW' Heritage Livery (DCC/Sound)
CSX/RCSF wagons 4-pack
CSX/RCSF tarps and Coil loads
Austrains CLP Class loco (QRN) #11
Austrains X Class Loco (QRN) #53
Austrains X Class Loco (QRN) #54
70-Ton 14-panel three-bay Hooper kits (USA)
Bethgon' coal hoppers
Roundhouse 'Harriman' kits
Globe Models Baggage/Mail car

Please see this for photos:

PM sent Smile
  trains_bg Beginner

Selling my collection off and will be posting a lot of items.

All these listed below are brand new in box:

Auscision CF4401 CFCLA sold out $300
Auscision LDP006 QR sold out $300
Auscision LDP001 downer EDI sold out $300
Auscision 9304 PN $300
Auscision 9306 PN sold out $300
Auscision CF 4412 black caviar $320
Rail motor models SCT 007 $320
RMM SCT 012 $320

These items are in as new condition in box:
austrains 8005 PN weathered $200
austrains 8125 PN $280
austrains DL46 PN $280
austrains NR81 PN $250
austrains NR 102 PN $250
austrains Y174 FA $280
auscision AN3 GHAN sold out $280
auscision AN7 PN sold out $280

Postage costs extra if needed
Cash on pick up or bank deposit please

Anyone interested in coming to see my collection in regional Victoria is welcome please PM me for any other details

Will be adding more soon
  Shazam75 Chief Commissioner

Location: Brisbane
VR U Van (SEM Kit).

$35 + $10 postage.

PM if interested.

  trains_bg Beginner

Continuing on from before .

All wagons in original boxes and new condition.
RQIW undecorated 5 pack $250
RQIW national rail 5 pack $250
RQIW Pacific National 2x 5 packs $250 each
3 NQIW state rail wagons and 2 RQIW PN in a mixed pack $250
PRRY 5 pack FCL $250
PRRY 5 pack FCL still sealed brand new $250
  Dazz Deputy Commissioner

I’ve got some locomotives that are excess to my requirements these days, so I’m putting them up for sale. They are all brand-new never been out of the box, HO scale DC only.

2 x Ixion NSWGR 32-class

3258 red edge curved running board, bogie tender
3333 black, angled running board, bogie tender

$500 each plus postage

For information on them,

2 x Auscision NSWGR 43-class, Indian Red (1959-1969 Era) This version has the following features: 5 Chime horn, no radiator shutters, no staff exchanger body cut-out, no nose grab irons & no rear ladder.

4302 Indian Red
4304 Indian Red

Asking $260 each plus postage, or will do $500 for the pair plus postage.

For information on them,

1 x Auscision 46-class, 4601 in the original Midland Red Livery as Delivered with Buffers.

Asking $300 plus postage.

For information on them,

Happy to post using registered post, or pick up from Woy Woy, New South Wales
  w44 Station Staff

For Sale

Eureka 7 Car HUB Set, Dark Indian Red, Single Belt Line

SDS TE Wagons with Centurion Tanks

PM Offers
  Biggmac Beginner

Location: Ascot Vale, Victoria
Withdrawn - refer to new post Jan 2020 in regard to 650 rolling stock items / collection for sale $25,000 plus cartage from deceased estate - Melbourne Vic..

HO Scale engines and rolling stock for sale - collection being rationalised for space.

Life Like - Proto 2000 Series GP9 II Limited Edition Locomotive dark green DCC ready (sound) PRR road #7006 with original box A$135 plus express post in Australia $15.

Life Like - Proto 2000 Series GP9Phase III Limited Edition Locomotive dark green DCC ready (sound) PRR road #7160 with original box A$135 plus express post in Australia $15.  

Bachmann 3 bay black Ore Cars (6 no) with coal load insert, weighted, PRR road numbers - 230191, 230224, 230338, 230385, 230462, 230481 A$65 plus express post $15.

Life Like - Proto 1000 Series C-Liner Locomotive dark green DCC ready (sound) PRR road #9493A plus B unit #9493B powered with original boxes $220 for pair plus express post in Australia $15.

Life Like - Proto 1000 Series C-Liner Locomotive dark green DCC ready (sound) PRR road #9448A plus B unit #9448B powered with original boxes $220 for pair plus express post in Australia $15.

Pictures available if email address supplied via PM. EFT to show on electronic bank statement before posting.

Cheers Biggmac
  NSW3802 Junior Train Controller

For sale, Trainorama 4711, Indian Red livery
Fitted with new Trainorama wheels and gears,
$300.00 plus postage.

  MalMac515 Station Master

Location: Bribie Island
1x Austrains NSWGR 8015 Class Diesel Candy Livery with ESU V4 Decoder and 80 class sound project loaded $450ono

1x Auscision NSWGR 42101 Class Diesel Candy Livery fitted with an TCS WOW Sound Decoder programmed to a EMD 16-567C prime mover $450.00ono

Postage included
  brissim Chief Train Controller

For Sale

Auscision NPS-15 Southern Aurora 10 Car set 1973-86 Era  :  $1,250 + estimated $30 receipted delivery if required

Currently Sold Out on Auscision website. $1,250 is the pre-order amount I paid. Location Brisbane.

Bank deposit preferred.

  Klink Chief Train Controller

Location: Stalag 13, the toughest POW Camp in all Germany
Urgent sale, two Auscision AN class locos.

AN9 in AN Green livery, never used, $250 + postage
AN3 in Red Ghan Livery, excellent condition hardly used, $240 + postage

Prices negotiable as quick sale wanted!!!

Please PM me for more information, pickup from Adelaide or post to anywhere at cost.
  andyfmx Locomotive Fireman

For Sale:

Steam Era Models UB van, fresh off the workbench. Kadee 58 couplers, runs beautifully.

$70 + postage or could arrange pick up in Melbourne.
  Clyde_AT26HC-2M Chief Train Controller

2x SAR stone hoppers. One is from a End of the line hobbies kit and the other appears to be a Powerline version with decals applied.

Selling the pair for $35 + $10 postage anywhere in Australia.

  NSW3802 Junior Train Controller

Updated List of AMRM for sale.  18-3-18

 p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 15.0px Calibri}  
Vol.8 #s 91/92

Vol.9 #s 94/95/97/99/100/105

Vol.10 #s 106/108/109/110/111/112/113/114/115/116/117

Vol.11 #s 118/119/120/121/122/123/124/125/126/127/128/129

Vol.12 #s 130/131/132/133/134/135/136/137/138/139/140/141

Vol.13 #s 142/143/144/145/146/147/148/150/151/152/153

Vol.14 #s 157/158/159/161/162/163/164/165

Vol.15 #s 166/167/168/169/170

Vol.16 #s 184/185/186 188/189

Vol.17 #s 190/191/192/193/194/195/196/197/198/199/200

Vol.18 #s 203/204/205/206/207/209/210/211/212/213

Vol.19 #s 214/215/216/217/218/219/220/221/222/223/224/225(2 copies)

Vol.20 #s 226/228/229/230/231/232/233/234/235/236/237(2 copies)

Vol.21 #s 238/239/240/241/242/243/244/245/246/247/248/249

Vol.22 #s 250/252/253/254/255/256/257/258/259/260/161(2 copies)

Vol.23 #s 263/264/265/266/267/268/269/270/271/272/273

Vol.24 #s 274/276/277/278/279/280/281/282/283/284
  roy66 Junior Train Controller

For Sale:

Accutrack 2 Speedometer

Brand New

Stand alone speedometer, makes speed matching easy. Suitable for HO, OO and N.

$125 + $10 postage.
Pick up available from Kilmore
  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
For Sale:   Athern Bigboy in HO scale. $840 AUD   SOLD  Oct 2018 !

Loco runs well. suffered some damage to the front, so loco as is.
Consult the photos and/or watch the youtube video.
  G Train Locomotive Driver

For Sale

Austrains 80 class 8029 Freightrail Blue weathered & detailed with Kadee compatible couplers (Steam Era I think) DC model $260 plus postage

Trying to focus on one era so consolidating my collection.

Please PM me with any queries or if you'd like to see more photos.

  Roachie Chief Commissioner

Location: Kadina SA (formerly NSW)
Selling the following books.

Too difficult to put photos up, but all books are in VERY good condition.

They're also listed on Facebook.

Reflection of an Engineman: $80-
Man of Steam (EE Lucy story) $80-
Railway Stations of Australia $40-
The Great Northern Railway $40- (Potentially sold)
Sketches from Beside The Line: Kenneth Bowen $40-
Worlds Great Train Journeys $20-
Standards in Steam 50 Class $100-
1850's to 1980's Locomotives of Australia $50-
The Fifties: Decade of Change $50- (Potentially sold)
Tracks In Time $50- (Potentially sold)
Standards In Steam: The 30 Class $100-
A Century ^ Plus of Locomotives $100-
Standards In Steam: The 53 and 55 Class $100-
38 $100-
36 $100-
Steam In The Sixties $80-
Australian Steam $40-
The Railway Art of Kenneth G Bowen $50-
Tender Into Tank $100-
NSWGR In Steam $100-
Standards In Steam 32 Class $100-
Day Of The Goods Train $100-
A Compendium Of NSW Steam Locomotives $100-
Locomotives of NSW 1855 to 1980 $40-
Diary Of The Bicentennial Train $50-
Seasons Of Steam $50-
Essays In Steam $50-
Steam In The Fifties $80-
Black Smoke Blue Mountains (The Zig Zag Railway) $80-
Flyer $50-
Byways Of Steam $50-
Byways of Steam 2 $50-
Byways of Steam 3 $50-
Byways of Steam 4 $50-
Byways of Steam 5 $50-
Byways of Steam 6 $50-
Byways of Steam 7 $50-
Byways of Steam 8 $25-
Byways of Steam 9 $25- (SOLD)
Byways of Steam 10 $28- (SOLD)
Byways of Steam 11 $28-
Byways of Steam 12 $30-
Byways of Steam 13 $30-
Byways of Steam 14 $33-
Byways of Steam 15 $35-
Byways of Steam 16 $35-
Byways of Steam 17 $35-
Byways of Steam 18 $35-
Byways of Steam 19 $35-
Byways of Steam Encore $35-

PM if wishing to buy.

All prices are PLUS postage.

Pick-up welcome: I'm in Kadina, SA
  andyfmx Locomotive Fireman

Powerline Models VR blue & gold livery 2nd series T class, T360 .

Minimal running, runs smooth and quietly. No missing or broken details. Can post at buyers expense.

Can email photos.

$295.00 + postage or pickup.
  andyfmx Locomotive Fireman

Photo link for above listed Powerline T360, more photos in the album. Smile
  Clyde_AT26HC-2M Chief Train Controller

Rails in Scale NZBF ballast plough that is partially built. The kit is primed but still requires handrails, couplers, bogies and handbrakes (NOT included) - $45

Postage anywhere in Australia $10
  Clyde_AT26HC-2M Chief Train Controller

Pacific National RQRY 48f container wagon modified from Auscision Models wagons.

2 available at $70 each plus $10 postage anywhere in Australia.
  Clyde_AT26HC-2M Chief Train Controller

Pacific National RQRY 48f container wagon modified from Auscision Models wagons.

2 available at $70 each plus $10 postage anywhere in Australia.

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