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  Blackaddar Junior Train Controller

Location: Canberra, ACT
Hi All,

Hope your all doing well, I wanted to try and get some information from everyone on some suppliers of Terrain/Scenery kits would be helpful for my prototype, As some have seen i have recently added a Walthers Coal Tower to my layout, while this is no a NSWGR item (Prototype is drawing influence from Port Kembla Steel Works and set during the 1950's-1960's era), Id like to get my hands on as much Period specific items as possible.

I've already seen some items on Casual hobbies that id like to grab to go onto my layout but any guidance as to where to look for good kits would greatly appreciated, I'm currently looking for kits for the following:-
  • Water tower (for Loco resupply) and feeder apparatus ( Seen some casual items that might fit the bill)
  • Diesel fuel tanks and refuel items (For Loco resupply)
  • Iron Ore Cars (i have some coal cars I've built from some Casual kits which where OK)
  • Workshop's/Storage sheds for Loco's and rolling stock
  • Workshop/stockyard detritus
  • signal posts/lights for tracks etc.

I'm not looking to buy this from other posts under this post, I'm just really looking for some points in the right direction as to where i can find these suppliers etc.

As always your help is greatly appreciated, Keep on rolling.



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  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Haskell have ore cars now for sale in HO, and model train buildings in our links  thread is a source of buildings....

  Blackaddar Junior Train Controller

Location: Canberra, ACT
Thanks David, I'll check out that kit and take another look at that thread, I wanted to try and get guidance to preferred kits/manufactures as i'm really new to the model kit range outside of Games-workshop models :S

  DJPeters Deputy Commissioner

A glance through a AMRM, the ads that is might help as well and after you note down a few places make a visit to their on line websites as you can find a lot more on websites than in AMRM adverts. If a search is available on a web site use it as it will make things easy to find. Also bookmark the page in your browser as well , that will make it easier to check back on things!

Like they all say here search is your friend!

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