MSTS: NSWGR S-Set Carriages

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Location: Southern New South Wales
Long time no post gang.

It's no secret knowing that I've been recently constructed some NSWGR S-Type carriages.

Whilst I'm almost done with the N-Set cars as I got the interior to do. Thought I do the long overdue S-Types as well. The best thing with these ones as I got sources from the Coaching stock of the NSWGR Vol.2 that has good resources to make these cars. I know in the past there were freeware FS cars. and Team-ALCO's Payware FS and BS (wouldn't call it a BS since the window spacing is clearly FS just the decal carriage coding is changed.) I decided to make my own version of these cars with the correct window spacing for the FS, BS and the BSR Buffet cars showing 1024x 1024 ACE file texturing.
So far made then in Indian Red, and Lachlan Valley Railway livery stock. Still got a lot more work to do on it. Hopefully will down the track make some  Supplementary Interurban Cars as well to make the MFS cars with beclawat windows, Both Candy, Indian Red and Cockatoo Run scheme as well.
Already made  the following Cars.

FS, BS, BSR and RBS.
Here's 2 screenshots of what I been working on as of late.

Will be making some Tuscan and Russett livery as well as PTC SRA Candy livery, but that will be later on down the track.
for now Enjoy

Best wishes.
Josh Russel

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