Lancefield to Kilmore railway : a new book

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I was in Lancefield recently, and picked up a local paper, the "Lancefield Mercury".   In there it has a story about a pair of local historians who are about to publish a book about the railway which once ran (briefly) between Lancefield and Kilmore.  It is called "A Pictorial Guide to the Long Lost Lancefield and Kilmore Railway", and it is to be launched on July 28th 2018 at Red Door Books, 34 High Street in Lancefield, phone (03) 5429 2566.   Here's a link, with some more information about the railway:

It's possibly not entirely accurate, because for example trains at Kilmore (not Kilmore East) never went to Sydney AFAIK, but it's still interesting, and pictures of the old line will be good to see.

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