Bring back the Wonthaggi train

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  skitz Chief Commissioner

The only rail likely to extend toward Wonthaggi is an extension to Lang Lang. Frequent buses on good roads could handle any sort of travel increase.
Of course one can make most of the journey from Melbourne to Wonthaggi by rail, just go by train to the Stoney Point ferry and then use the reasonably frequent bus from Cowes to Wonthaggi.
Being coastal it falls into the category of 'build it and they would come'.  Once could conceive a line through to Anderson but making its way to the island.   The green paddocks would soon disappear under housing with water views...........

Fund it with a development tax and see who is willing to speculate.

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  reubstar6 Chief Train Controller

If the Caulfield-Dandenong is ever quadruplicated then there would be an opportunity to provide a regional service to Leongatha. Then in the long term that might potentially lead to a branch to Phillip Island (how popular can the penguins get?). This is the only way I could see services returning to the area. A relatively quick train service to the city and nice water views: this has been achieved in NSW, so it could theoratically be achieved in Victoria.
  potatoinmymouth Chief Commissioner

If the Caulfield-Dandenong is ever quadruplicated then there would be an opportunity to provide a regional service to Leongatha.

This part I agree with. (The rest is dream land, I reckon.)

Very simply, Gippsland services and Metro expresses alone are not sufficient justification to quad to Dandy. Add South Gippsland to the mix, however, and we have a sensibly-utilised track pair.

The other thing is it’s much easier for a government to sell a “new” line (reopened in this case) than it is to try and justify property acquisition and disruption in marginal seats for “soft” service improvements. If it was all done as a package it could work politically.
  The Vinelander Minister for Railways

Location: Ballan, Victoria on the Ballarat Line
How to have a fun trip to Wonthaggi.

Victoria cold windy winter

Cold is relative.

People travel to and within Canada in Winter and to places like Niagara etc. The bitter Winters there make Victorian winters seem tropical by comparison.

  justarider Chief Commissioner

Location: Released again, maybe for the last time??
Cold might be relative,
but the accompanying winds make for a very invigorating and uplifting (stomach churning) boat ride.

  Daryl Junior Train Controller

Location: Carrum Downs
Reinstatement of services will ruin a perfectly good rail trail and a historic bridge at Kilcunda.

What will happen to nostalgia?

Basically it was a coal line with a passenger service tacked on.

Imagine if the coal became feasible again with improvements in digging machines and new technology.
Imagine the environmental impact studies of running a rail line alomg a coastal area. (goodness gracious me)
I suppose it’s better than fracking.

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