Where would this be?

  xdford Chief Train Controller

Hi All,

In the process of doing other research, I came across this photo which piqued my curiosity


To me it looks like it could be Murray Bridge with the curved platform and the yard etc at the rear but I feel it could be another area I am not familiar with... any other ideas please? I have no memory of the second platform nor the signal box but there is no reason that it was not there!

Thanks in Anticipation


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  SA_trains Deputy Commissioner

Location: ACT
I'm moderately happy to suggest that it is Murray Bridge. The second platform and the bay windows with the hill in the background, strongly suggest Murray Bridge.

I'm sure others have an opinion.

  allan Chief Commissioner

Yep, Murray Bridge. March 5, 1951. State Library does not always get it right, though.
  dylan Train Controller

Location: South Australia
In those days the S class generally worked the local trains from Murray Bridge to Tailem Bend. It was certainly a far cry from them hauling express services across the 90 mile desert... Webb's 600s put an end to that!
  Dangersdan707 Chief Commissioner

Location: On a Thing with Internet
On The Real Gauge
  Rodo Chief Commissioner

Location: Southern Riverina
On The Real Gauge
Yes, it is a pity that NSW ever employed that Scottish prawn who would work cheap.
  DJPeters Deputy Commissioner

Yes Murray Bridge the station platform and signal cabin give it away.  The track layout was rebuilt here later in SAR days and the platform straightened out a bit at that particular part of the platform. The actual platform face was several metres closer to the river than it was in that photo. You could still see and probably can still see were the newer part of the platform has been added at Murray Bridge. That is why the buildings now appear to be a long way from the edge of the platform as shown in these more modern photos. Click on the railway station section to see larger photos.


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