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VMR - Victorian Miniature Raiwlay starting up in Harcourt, Victoria has applied for the  "Pick my project" grant system to help build our station, but not just that, to use students to learn doing it.  As it is we have many student over on Friday mornings as part of a Vcal program !

All my friends who do not know, please share, if you can register fort this project. Of course if a friend is interested to assist share this around I would love you to. It is a project I am involved in as well.

All Aboard: Engaging Youth to build a Miniature Railways Station
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So, here's what to do:
1) Go online from Monday 13th August, and register an account. https://pickmyproject.vic.gov.au/
2) Type in your address and details.
3) Select the region that you want to vote in. It doesnt have to be the area that you live in.
4) You will see up to 30 projects in the area that you have selected.
5) You can select 6 projects that you like the sound of. You can store them in a shopping trolley.
6) Sleep on it for a couple nights.
7) You HAVE to vote for THREE projects.
8) Once you vote you cannot change you votes.
9) Voting closes on 17th September.

at the link search for harcourt andt e link will be obvious. register, even if your addressis elsewhere, and if asked, you arer a support ofthe hobby and can see the benifit it has forthe local youths.

VMR is not competing with any other miniature railway, or railway attraction, they just want to be a part ofthe community.

Think about it.
David Head

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i saw the story on WIN news the other day, looks great!!
  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
we are over the moon about it.But it will be a lot of work,  it  IS for the students to do so it is another challange !

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