Bobbin head miniature railway

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Have posted this around , came across old 1959's picture showing miniature railway at bobbin head in the hornsby shire(nsw) only problem I can find no further info about it, would be interested in any info on it ,what happened to it etc etc......chris

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  whiteknight Locomotive Fireman

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Hi Chris,

 I did a quick GOOGLE search for you and found some information -if you go to TrailHistory-Trail Flix you will read about the area in the early days and what did and did not happen to the railway tracks. And in the general page on Google there are other leads that might give you an answer.

  Johnmc Moderator

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Download this pdf:

and do a search on "miniature".  It should give you some more info.
  GrahamH Chief Commissioner

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I remember this from my childhood. An oval of track with a tunnel/storage shed where the train was kept when not in use. Petrol-powered steam looking loco and 3 or 4 open seat 'carriages'. Probably around 3 ft gauge. May have a picture in my parents photos somewhere...

Off topic but sort of related there were articles in the North Shore Times and/or Hornsby Advocate in the early 70s about a proposed 5" railway to run from the animal park/visitor centre down to Bobbin Head. Came from a person or club in St Ives. Nothing ever happened as far as I know.
  GrahamH Chief Commissioner

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From Hornsby Shire

Boys Brigade

Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park Heritage Collection

Bobbin Head Express (train)
About this object A miniature train engine, powered by a small petrol engine on which the driver sat. The engine operated on a circular track pulling open passenger cars on joy rides at Bobbin Head in the 1950s and early 1960s.
Length: front buffer to rear seat = 246cm (97").
Width: front 103cm (40.5"). rear 100cm (39.5").
Height: to funnel 114cm (45").
Rail Guage 76cm (30").
Object number

  5915 Chief Commissioner

Travelled on this circa 1961 or 62.  Photo somewhere in family collection.  Don't know when this disappeared but definitely gone by the '70s

  ibigmang Beginner

I live about 10 minutes away from Bobbin Head. The information on this thread is very interesting. The miniature railway was a bit before my time though.

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