Castlemaine to Shelbourne safe working

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While consuming way too many at The Railway in Castlemaine this evening the subject of Safe Working on the line from Maldon > Shelbourne came up.

Trains bound for Shelbourne had to run to Maldon and run back to Shelbourne Junction which raises the question, what safe working was in place to protect these moves?

Was there (in the early days) a Maldon Junction > Shelbourne section or was this broken up into smaller sections? Or was there a magic box at Maldon which allowed a staff for Maldon > Shelbourne to be released only if the Maldon Junction > Maldon staff was in place?

I would welcome any comments on the above but go easy, it has been a long night at The Rails!


.....After a big lunch at the Clarkefield pub a visit to a Barker St pizzeria will suffice...

The Vinelander
I've seen that from the train many times. Presumably, it's worth a short train ride from Macedon for a meal? The pub at Riddells Creek is also worth a visit.

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