Whyalla revamp analysis: Dogged determination saved plan from falling through

  steam4ian Chief Commissioner

It all sounds good on paper but what happens next week or year etc could thwart the best laid plans. Just saying to keep it all in perspective. I have nothing against a billionaire trying to do it but treat the plans as a wish list but not what actually might happen. Gupta could go broke tomorrow and then there will be nothing. Plenty of high fliers have crashed over the years and Gupta is not ammune to it.

One has to look at things realistically and not get carried away with it.
David, you need an optorectumy; I will leave others to explain the purpose of that procedure.

Gupta has a good track record, in fact he has made his money doing in the UK exactly what he proposes for Whyalla.

The figures stack up for Whyalla, it just needs somebody with faith in the industry and commitment to make it work.

Please do not be a naysayer.

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  don_dunstan Dr Beeching

Location: Adelaide proud
Please do not be a naysayer.
I don't think anyone here is purposely a nay-sayer, Ian. You would know as much as anyone else that we have a really unfortunate history in this state of throwing government "seed" money at things that subsequently go bung, the MFP and Galaxy Pay TV being two things that stick out in my mind.

I really hope it all works out, it would be a great thing for this state (and indeed the nation) if takes off. I think after all the spectacular failures we've had here we're just naturally cynical, that's all.

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