The Ballachulish Railway Line

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Another of those magazines at Christmas time (2018). This time it was an old "Hornby Magazine" from 2012. This was originally intended to be a short reflection on the Ballachulish Line but it is developing into something much longer. There will be three parts to this story!

This is the first post:

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In Part 1 of this story we covered much about the history of the line between Connel Ferry and Ballachulish. We start Part 2 with a few reminders of what was covered in Part 1 and provide some additional material from various sources before continuing our journey North along the branch.
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This is the third of three posts planned to cover the Ballachulish Branch. It includes the final length of the line approaching Ballachulish, some details about the quarries and a November 1950 article about the line which has been taken from The Railway Magazine of that date.
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Enjoying your posts.
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Thank you x31
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Yes, good and interesting subjects.

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