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Alot of people know alot about the Picton - Mittagong Loopline which was originally the mainline to Melbourne, until the deviation passed through Bargo and Tahmoor was opened.

In its heyday there was many trains which had to battle the steep grades that were prevalent on the line and bank engines were needed on the line to assist trains over the section.

I was lucky enough to travel along the line on one of the regular inspections of the line with the Supervisor of  Perway Group of the NSWRTM.

I was shown various points of interest such as deviations on the line which I may post information about at a later date but one that really caught my attention was the Bank Engine Siding call Birralung.

Birralung was used to refuge Bank Engines returning to Picton from the south and to assist with not blocking trains, consisting of a single dead end the track was removed many years ago and the bush has regrown over the formation.

So I present some photographs of the site of Birralung Siding with relevant information.

Birralung was located close to the Saddleback Cutting which is the deepest cutting on the Loopline...Note the left hand rail has a slight kink in it and was the location of the points for Birralung Siding
Looking Towards the Loopline from the formation of Birralung Siding
Coal found on the former formation of Birralung Siding

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  wurx Lithgovian Ambassador-at-Large

Location: The mystical lost principality of Daptovia
Who would have dreamed there was ever a siding way down there QuestionSurprisedShockedConfused

Good stuff for recording that, mate Clap
  Roberts0001 Chief Commissioner

Location: Perth, Western Australia
Amazing photos! Got anymore?

Got a map you could publish of this area?
  TE2815 Minister for Railways

Location: Mission control Minto or Thirlmere
BERALLUNG TABLET POST 24/10/1912 to 13/07/1919 was 2.09miles north of Hill Top.

There is also BIG HILL UPPER SIDING 05/04/1878 which was 0.26miles north of Hill Top.

My reference was: Picton-Mittagong Loop-Line Railway by William A. Bayley
  4426 Chief Commissioner

Thanks for that TE2815 and I wasnt too sure on the spelling either.

Who knows I may have found Big Hill Upper Siding and my source was confused with the tablet post Confused

Anyway It was fun looking around a historical spot on a historical railway line Very Happy
  neety Chief Commissioner

That piece of coal looks like something else RazzRazz
  KAVRAIL Banned

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That piece of coal looks like something else RazzRazz

I would be hoping that clinker from a firebox is what you would be referring to?  Rolling Eyes
  4426 Chief Commissioner

Its ok I wasnt the one holding it Very Happy

I am pretty sure it is or was coal Very Happy
  BFCYU Chief Train Controller

Location: Sydney "Sutherland Shire"
Good to know 4426_No_2_end leading.

I never knew that the Picton to Mittagong Loop line
via Thirlmere was actually the main line going "South".
till the deviation via Bargo & Tahmoor was opened.

Many years in the cab as an engineman at Enfield
and never was told that before.!!

There is still a lot of hidden news around that a
lot of people even on the railways that people
do not know about.

The only story I heard was the deviation of the Picton Bridge
"main line to the branch-loop line" and the big "U" turn on the down main going south."

Even these days: you ask about historical info from railway people;
and only get blank expressions back.

Hey; by the way I used to like travelling in a 44 class No. 2 end leading.
(esp in Summer time and a nice breeze to cool us down with the door chocked open) 8)
  MRHD66 Station Staff

Location: Wingham, New South Wales, Australia
Any new links to these photo since old ones don’t work
  Dangersdan707 Chief Commissioner

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Any new links to these photo since old ones don’t work
Nope unless you try a way back machine. This is still up though

  marhleet Train Controller

Went to the root and started a search


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