Need help to create the Blueprints!

  cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller

I finally get my MSTS NSW 86 Class Electric Locomotive into the .IGS format and now I am at the stage of trying to create the blueprint, so it can work in TS2019

I have tried asking for help on the DTG forums and nobody has even provided any useful information, guides or a tutorial that could help me even when I was trying to export my NSW 86 Class into the .IGS format nobody would help... I will not be returning to that low-classed forum any time soon!

All I need to know now is how on earth am I meant to create the blueprints for everything "engine, wagon, cab, sounds" so on!!! Is there any guides or tutorials available? If so, where are they? I can't find nothing at all..!!! Could someone please tell me exactly how to create the blueprints please?

Now, don't give me that useless tutorial or guide that relates to creating blueprints for scenery objects..! This is the most easiest, I need help with all the complicated stuff so I can get my models into TS2019 and share them with other TS2019 user's

This is causing me so much stress and depression! Trying to get my models into TS2019, it's so complicated than what I'd thought it would be, but I can't use MSTS anymore since it doesn't work on Windows 10 Crying or Very sad So I upgraded to TS2019 because I like the game engine and graphics. If anyone can help that would be great Smile

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  superheatedsteam Deputy Commissioner

Location: Perth, WA
Hi Phil,

If you are stressed or depressed you need to give it a break and come back to it with a fresh set of eyes.

Unfortunately I can't assist you in this matter as I no longer have TS installed on my pc. I have downloaded the Developer Docs and tend to agree with one of the comments in the thread below that they are not the best. There is hardly a glut of third party models for the DTG train simulators which is hardly surprising given that DTG don't make it easy for model makers. All these years and they have released so very little information on this subject. That is a deliberate decision on their part.  

Have you been to the Railworks America website? The following link would be a start.

Also the UK Trainsim site?

Check out the 'Get a simple wagon into RS' and 'For those of you who are modelling rolling stock' threads.

Those threads are old and have dried up prematurely but some of the contributors have exported models. Keep reading posts on the subject and you may be able to piece the details together.

If your going to post questions I would suggest not spitting the dummy like you did at the DTG forums. People are less inclined to assist if you come across like a hot head.

Ask questions, and maybe wait a couple of weeks if not months for an answer. Not everyone reads the forums every day yet alone respond as soon as they read a post.

Good luck.


  cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller

Thanks Marek Smile

I have been taking a break away from TS2019 since spitting the dummy on the DTG forums! I also contacted DTG if they can provide anything that would help regarding the creation of the Blueprints for the model to work in TS2019

DTG replies to me and say's "We will not go beyond creating a tutorial for the Blueprints, other than the Developer Documents" this is quite inconvenient! That's all I can say!

If I had known that DTG is such a lazy company, I probably wouldn't have brought either Train Sim World on the Xbox One and TS2019 on PC! But I needed something that will replace the good old MSTS and I wasn't going to look at Trainz Simulator again!

I really appreciate your help mate Smile I have been a member on UK Train Sim for a long time! But I've only ever posted once, I think Laughing As for the American railworks forum, I've never considered signing up! Only because I have signed up to far too many forums it's getting harder to remember my passwords. However, the best forums that I signed up to is Railpage and AMW "Australian MSTS Workshop forums" Smile Sadly AMW is no longer with the MSTS Community!

So I will take your advice and check out the American railworks and UK Train Sim forums, a bit later on! As I'm currently working on a few 3d models in Blender SmileSmile Blender seems to be easy enough considering I only know very little about it!

Regards, Phil

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