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The metro is still connected to the heavy rail network at Cheltenham for maintenance purposes and maybe other stuff. The U Set Motor cars which were delivered to Lithgow a while back could potentially be used to haul the AK cars through it or deliver the rest of the metro fleet when stage 2 opens.
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I've seen someone say that elsewhere although I doubt it will happen for a couple of reasons.

- There doesn't seem to be any plans by SETS to re-activate the 2 U set motor cars, they are concentrating on their electric locos. It was just announced that the project to re-activate 8649 will begin any day now (they said late May on their web site). The next project will probably be 4615.
- I'm not sure if 2 U boat motor cars would have the required power to haul the AK Cars
- I'm not sure if the U boat motor cars or AK cars would fit through the metro tunnels or clear the platforms. How wide are the metro trains? The u sets are about 2.95m wide
- I doubt the U sets would be able to couple with the Metro trains in any way.

- Not sure if any other rolling stock or locos would be able to fit the metro line, including the surviving electric locos such as the 86 class. Not sure how they handle maintenance on the Metro line, but no doubt something like some operational 86's, given the extensive tunnels (including for the future stages of the system) would be handy.

For the record, the 4 86's which were re-activated in late 2004 for the Bondi Junction works were used in push-pull config to haul the AK cars underground - one at either end.
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3 photographs of set U7 at Elcar in 1992 shared by David Johnson on his flickr account

Two videos shared by David Johnson on facebook taken on 26 August 1994 just before or around the time final withdrawals of the U boats commenced as the Tangara G sets were being put into service.

Footage of U7 crossing a Tangara through Lidcombe, near Flemington Maintenance Center on the main down with a Blue Mountains service. This location is where you have the Church Street and freight line underpasses. The leading power car is SETS's CF5003 which is quite distinctive for having the ding just to the bottom and left of the headlight.

U set on the main down with a Blue Mountains line service crosses Tangara sets T80/T92 heading towards Flemington

EDIT: The way the forum automatically embeds the videos as images causes some issues, here is a direct link to David Johnson's flickr page 2 where the 2 videos are located at the end
  SydneyCider Chief Train Controller

Photo of "The Fish" U boat service getting it's distinctive illuminated sign.

I wonder if this feature still exists on surviving cars that these signs can be lit up, or if some modern equivalent sign similar to F1's "Sydney's Vintage Electric Train" could be created, added and lit up.
  SydneyCider Chief Train Controller

Worth checking out the link to David Johnson's U set gallery I provided earlier as he added a video taken on the night of 05 September 1994 of a 4-car U set pulling into Springwood station with an all stations to Mt. Victoria service. By around the end of this month, Springwood runs were taken over by the (then) new Tangara G sets and this commenced the final withdrawals of the U boats.

Below are some photos taken by "Lox Pix" on 24 February 2019 of ETB6039 at Valley Heights and shared on flickr. All credit goes to him for these photos.
  SydneyCider Chief Train Controller

Just came across this. Sped up footage of a trip from Sydney to Gosford in a U set taken in the late 1950's or 1960's.
  SydneyCider Chief Train Controller

A TOC Manual dated 21 August 2019 (PDF File) 13.3MB (the pdf file itself)

Page 240 and 241 are interesting

Page 240 gives conditions for operating SETS electric locos 4615, 8606 and 8649. Some highlights include:-

- Max speed allowed for all 3 is set at 105km/h
- Notes live weight: 114t (4615) and 118t (8606 and 8649)
- Draw Capacity (MN): 0.90 (4615), 1.80 (8606 and 8649)

For some of the more technically minded people:-

1. No maintenance is to be carried out on the traction equipment unless the pantographs are lowered, air isolated and danger tags applied to the isolating cock
2. No access is permitted to the roof of the locomotive under the OHW unless an electrical permit is issued by Sydney Trains. Work performed on unwired roads shall be outside electrical safety clearances
3. A visual inspection of both pantographs shall be performed from the ground as part of each vehicle preparation
4. For single electric locomotive operation, both pantographs may be used and full parallel control may be used
5. For multiple electric locomotive operation, a maximum of 2 electric locomotives may be connected to the OHW at any given time within a train. Where electric locomotives are coupled together only a single pantograph per locomotive is permitted. Where the 2 electric locomotives are separated by at least 70m, both pantographs may be used.
6. The Electrical Operating Center shall be advised before raising or lowering the pantographs

Page 241 is also interesting. Specifies operating conditions for U set cars CF5003 and CF5021. This may not be necessarily approval/waiver to run them, but rather simply stating how they are to be operated, once allowed to do so. Highlights of rules:-

- Max Speed: 115km/h

1. These cars may be marshaled dead attached in a train consist as trailer cars with ONE ONLY pantograph raised to power auxiliary equipment. Under these conditions, the cut-out switch in the cabs shall be set to "Cut-Out" and labelled "Do Not Use". The drivers cabs shall be locked to prevent access by unauthorised personnel.

2. Toilets fitted to these cars shall not be used, and shall be locked at all times

So does this mean the U boat cars would be towed with pantos up to power auxiliary systems?

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