S.A.R. Gauge Glass help wanted

  BrentonGolding Chief Commissioner

Location: Maldon Junction
G'day Croweaters, I need some help identifying some glass tubes.

I just inherited what I think are a pair of Gauge Glass tubes. My mother gave them to me, they belonged to her father who was an S.A.R. man and worked his whole working life at Islington Works.

As a youngster my mother was told they were out of a Steam Loco boiler and warned of a fate worse than a fate worse than death if she ever broke them so I suspect they left Islington under the newspaper in the bottom of his kit bag. Later my Grandfather and my Father used them with long lengths of hose attached to level my parents block of land in Glenalta before our house was built.

They are 9" long, 16mm OD, 9.4mm ID so walls are thick, 3.5mm (sorry about the switch from Imperial to Metric, I have an Imperial ruler but my Vernier is purely Metric!)

If they are what I think they are then I would like to return them back to SA to be used as spares or whatever. I know that they are not worth much to buy but who knows, if Steamranger or someone else can use them then I would be happy to shoot them over.

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  DJPeters Assistant Commissioner

Might be wise to contact either Steamranger, Pichi Richi Railway or NRM about them.
  BrentonGolding Chief Commissioner

Location: Maldon Junction
Might be wise to contact either Steamranger, Pichi Richi Railway or NRM about them.
Indeed but I was really wanting to make sure I was barking up the right tree before going and making an idiot of myself! After all with the 3rd hand info they could well be Andre the Giant's private drinking straw collection for all I know!
  YM-Mundrabilla Minister for Railways

Location: Mundrabilla but I'd rather be in Narvik
I researched donating some stuff to the Adelaide Rail Museum some months ago but from reading their website at the time one had to sign (or prove) the provenance of the donation. Like you, how can one prove the provenance of, for example, a number plate, Working Timetable or General Appendix from 50 odd years ago?
I couldn't prove, much less be bothered, and would rather 'put it over the side'. Alternatively, perhaps I could hold my Officers' Pass in one hand and authorise myself with the other to hold the offending material.
As I have said I couldn't be bothered.
  Captainchoochoo61 Locomotive Fireman

The steam loco being built by the Smythe family in the Adelaide hills may be a good source of a suitable home for them. If sent to the other places mentioned they may just be relegated to the storeroom , but this may be a better source of them finding a real use. And one way to get an item out of the Closet, I mean kit bag for something.

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