Melbourne Airport Rail Link

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Other thoughts - would Geelong high speed involve 25kv AC on SG line (duplicated), all the way to Newport, then 1500V DC on dual gauge inside tunnel to City?
You're talking too much sense here, it won't wash in Bureaucracy Land Very Happy

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I can barely make head nor tail of that article.  So high speed Geetroit trains stuck behind Metro services?  Seriously?
In a weird-a-bout way it sort of makes sense.

Express Geelong > Southern Cross services on an upgraded (and fully electrified) alignment probably Metro Trains rollingstock (how fast can the HCMT stock run at?). They would only run behind Sparks from Newport > SC and there would probably only be one station at Fisherman's Bend to contend with.

Stopping services via Sunshine for pax who want to change for the Airport and intermediate stations probably run with V/Line stock.

This would free up enough paths on the RRL (especially if RRL quadded as designed with Melton and Wyndham Vale sparks running onto the Sunbury line and though the MM1 tunnel) for a decent Airport rail service stopping Sunshine and possibly Footscrazy. It would require some creative timetabling for them to stop Sunshine but not Footscray although could be done behind Bendigo trains if they continued to not stop Sunshine or alternatively RRL might not stop Footscray anymore and all pax would change at Sunshine for Airport or Footscray / North Melbourne.

I think.......
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I should add that one consequence is reduced capacity for SG freight.  It would need passing loops and OMR track from Manor to Beveridge at a minimum IMO.
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I should add that one consequence is reduced capacity for SG freight.  It would need passing loops and OMR track from Manor to Beveridge at a minimum IMO.
Speaking of the OMR, has anything more come of it besides being in the Melway as a future freeway/rail combo?
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I can barely make head nor tail of that article.  So high speed Geetroit trains stuck behind Metro services?  Seriously?

Reading this today it raised more questions than it provided answers in my view.  What will the RRL be used for?  It states there would be geelong trains via Sunshine and it also states there would be geelong trains via Newport.  Newport services would enter the Metro 2 tunnel and then emerge at Clifton Hill?

Where would they go then?

The idea of using both paths means electrification on both routes which would be fine given Metro services would then use their own stock to WY.

A interesting read but many questions?
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From the article:

"Trains from Geelong would run along an upgraded section of track linking the Geelong and Werribee lines that is currently used for freight. New tracks would then be built from Werribee to Newport and link up with Melbourne Metro 2."

The barely used Werribee-West Werribee junction tracks would be used and then Werribee - Newport quadded.  Werribee trains as they are now stop all stations, Geelongs express Werribee - Newport.  Both metro and Geelongs then converge into the MM2 tunnel stop all stations to Southern Cross (and what is definitely not in the article is where Geelongs continue on to another short terminating station like Reservoir or Northcote or just terminate at Southern Cross [of which there'd have to be more than 2 underground platforms]).  Having all trains stop at Newport, Fishermans Bend 2, Fishermans Bend 1 (assuming two stations) then Southern Cross makes sense as western metro and Geelong would want/need access to Fishermans Bend and all the jobs that are planned to go there.

I presume Laverton via Altona and Williamstown continue via Newport-Spottswood-Yarraville-Seddon etc.

"The project - which would cost tens of billions of dollars - could be built in stages, with the Geelong line upgrades to Werribee built first. The ambitious Metro 2 city tunnel would be built many years from now, most likely in the 2030s."

This fits with the NDP leaked before last year's state election - MM2 is broken up into two phases (Newport-Parkville and Parkville-Merri)

Melton-Sunshine could get the same treatment that allows Ballarats to overtake (comfortably) Melton metro services and at West Werribee, the third side of the triangle is built and a 5th platform on the western side of Sunshine.  Electrify the RRL tracks from Sunshine to the City.

That would enable Mernda-Werribee to actually become Mernda-Sunshine via Werribee and Melton metros to run Melton all stations to Sunshine then follow the same stopping pattern as Vlines currently do into the city.

If Mernda / Werribee get 'HCMT'd' like Pakenham/Cranbourne-Sunbury as part of MM2, one for one train replacement boosts passenger carrying capacity (it's about 20% HCMT versus Comeng etc, no?) and if peak services move to 12 TPH for Mernda in 15-20 years (it's currently max 9TPH, average 8TPH in peaks), 6TPH could go Mernda-Sunshine (via MM2/Werribee) and 6TPH could go Mernda-Werribee (via MM2).  People in Tarneit/Wyndham Vale/Truganina/any new station and suburb that will get built along the RRL tracks would have a one-seat to the city choice via Werribee / MM2 (probably good value for Wyndham Vale, not so much others) or a good service to Sunshine where they can change to numerous express and stopper services to the city or to the airport / Sunbury/wherever anyone needs to go.

If Geelong goes to 4TPH off peak - split them with every second train via the fast route (Werribee) and the other via Sunshine (for airport connections).  Warrnambool will probably always go via Sunshine, plus if Geelong trains via MM2 continue past SX to at least Parkville, they've got about a ~20-21 minute trip from Parkville to the airport via MM1.  In peaks send all Geelongs via MM2 and people wanting to get to the airport can change at Werribee (and then Sunshine) or just stay on the train until Parkville.
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So the denial that MM2 was to be built is all of a sudden turned on its head and, potentially, is now part of higher speed plans for Geelong. Got to give it to Andrews et al, they like to keep things close to their chest(s) until it suits them i.e. SRL, EoI for new rolling stock & now this. I suppose it gives us all something to debate!

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Surely it would make sense to short-route Geelong trains to say Clifton Hill at least, to get the most out of the tunnel.

edit: Unless Newport-Spencer St is 4 track and Spencer St - Clifton Hill is 2 track.
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Or would you see Geelong trains using the existing Newport to southern cross path, once Werribee trains are using the tunnel?
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A possible leak from the MARL business case for “alternative options” Can’t see it happening. Half via Metro 2, Half via Sunshine. Will be a dog’s breakfast
This is DOT trying to match up what the Federal Liberals want to fund, which is regional services to west of Geelong to sure up Corangamite, with projects that they want to build, which is Metro II and the City Loop reconfigurations. Get the feds to fund the start of that tunnel, lump in Geelong improvements and bam, everyone wins politically but potentially not the best actual option for passengers.
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