Elmore to Cohuna railway line in 2020

  mr b Beginner

Hi Jemo.
Found this thread searching about the Cohuna Elmore Line.
I’m curious to know did you make the journey?

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  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Elmore to Cohuna railway line  https://www.railpage.com.au/f-p2170367.htm#2170367

That thread is 9 years old, most of those users no longer post here, the Person you asked has not been on since that post was made.

That is one reason we discourage people  finding  threads older than a year and posting as if the previus post was last week.


The new topic now has a link to the old one, and there may be new people on who can help you !!
  hbedriver Chief Train Controller

I travelled on the goods back in 1977, but only from Leiitchville back to Bendigo. I had planned to travel on the railcar to Cohuna, but that was AMEX, so per bus against the train (the guard was travelling to relieve that train, so I knew I was going to make it). A slow rough journey across flat country, on a hot summers day. We shunted pretty much all the stations still open then, except oddly the silo sidings at Diggora West.

I drove beside the line in August last year, when travelling from Kerang to Echuca. Much of the formation and some bridges/culverts remain, at least as far as where the line leaves the highway near Torumbarry.

Hope that helps

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