Proposal to close roads and provide more space for trams in Melbourne

  bevans Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
In a bid to slash the number of collisions in Melbourne, motorists could soon be blocked from driving on inner-city tram tracks.
Yarra Trams is planning to install concrete kerbs along busy routes including Flinders, Collins, Elizabeth and Bourke Street.
The kerbs would also be on Bridge Road and St Kilda Road.

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  SinickleBird Assistant Commissioner

Location: Qantas Club at Mudgee International Airport
Not entirely bad imo.

Some drivers struggle to navigate hard-to-see objects like trams and bridges.

Indeed, if my experience on the roads this weekend past is a guide, I would deduce that February’s shopper docket deal at Chemist Warehouse was a free drivers license for each $50 spent in-store.
  Mr. Lane Chief Commissioner

The more separation between trams and cars the better, I am all for it.
  railblogger Chief Commissioner

Location: At the back of the train, quitely doing exactly what you'd expect.
They should teach drivers how to look out for a tram.
  Lad_Porter Chief Commissioner

Location: Yarra Glen
Except that emergency vehicles like ambulances should be able to use the tram tracks if the road is congested and there are no trams nearby.
  Heihachi_73 Chief Commissioner

Location: Terminating at Ringwood
I hope this isn't just focused on just the CBD alone, some parts of the network are just hopeless due to the sheer amount of cars that absolutely have to choose the centre lane with the tram tracks for no reason whatsoever. I have been stuck on the 75 several times where every car has been bumper to bumper in front of the tram (Camberwell Rd is the absolute worst), yet the left lane has been completely empty! I'm sure it happens everywhere thogh, I know the 16 on Glenferrie Rd is just as bad, likewise the 58 along the entirety of Toorak Rd (and the eastern part of the 75 on the same road - the area near the Alamein line rail bridge is particularly annoying as cars park next to the bridge).

That said, I'm all for installing bumper-damaging concrete kerbs along the entirety of St Kilda Rd and Flinders St. Given that everyone drives SUVs these days the height should probably be similar to the platform stops in order to get the message across. Taxis and vans chucking a U-ey in front of a tram instead of the designated U-turn area 50m away can then be laughed at when their bumper gets torn off or they end up marooned on a 4 inch wide piece of concrete.
  Goose13 Station Master

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